Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Character Sketch

His beard, which dangled below his chin like an icicle clinging from underneath a bridge, matched the color of the stars that lit the streets where he sauntered that night. His hands were curved, wrapped around his cane, nails long and his arms were hidden beneath his overcoat. He was an eerie vision, a vision that you would not want to come across on a deserted street if you were with a group of friends and certainly not alone. The only sounds were that of his boots gently displacing the water that lay in the form of puddles on the sidewalk. His teeth, brown as coffee, chattered ever so slightly as the temperature began to drop rapidly. The thinning hair on his scalp was covered by a wool hat that would cause his skin to itch.

Home is where he was headed that night. Home was a mysterious castle, high on a hill with a forbidden aura. It was known as the dungeon to all the townsfolk. The hill in which it rested upon sat just below the creepy moon that hung like an illuminated balloon for the sole purpose of warding off trespassers. Even if they were brave enough, though nobody was, they could not reach the castle without passing a graveyard. These graveyards had stories attached to them like fangs of a monster lurking under your bed. The stories kept everyone away. It was still home to one man.


Ryan S. Graybill said...

I wrote this paragraph during my first year of teaching as an example for my class when we were learning about descriptive paragraphs.

Dustin Brackbill said...

I think you should read Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book - last year's Newbery award winner. You got his tone and descriptive nature - maybe he stole from you!
nice sample! Now let's see Persuasive...!