Saturday, February 27, 2010

God Sent His Angels

"In the arms of an angel/fly away from here/From this dark cold hotel room/And the endlessness that you fear/You are pulled from the wreckage/Of your silent reverie/You�re in the arms of the angel/May you find some comfort there" - from Sarah McLachlan's Angel

Yesterday, late afternoon, my wife was in a car accident which totaled our caravan. Right now I have too many emotions and "what ifs" zipping through my brain to sit down long enough to write about it. I will say this: It puts things in perspective and it makes you thankful for the wonderful gifts that you have. I never take my family for granted. I don't even take life for granted because I know how quickly it can be taken away. But, the whole ordeal made me search my soul and made me ask, What can I do to become a better person? How can I live a more meaningful life?

God sent his angels yesterday and for that I'm eternally grateful. My wife walked away (physically) unharmed, but was very lucky to do so. After seeing the van today, I realized how close I became to losing a vital part of my family, the breath in my life and the love that fills my heart with unmeasurable joy.

Okay, I'm writing too much and I didn't want to...

...Just please wear your seat belts and be careful and tonight or even right now, take a moment to give thanks for the precious gifts you have.


Ryan S. Graybill said...

I love you so much, hon. You are an incredible writer and I AM so blessed to be ok after such an ordeal. God DID send his angels, but you are also my angel, and I love you with all my heart forever and ever!

Half-Pint Creations said...

God Bless the two of you. Car accidents are tragic and sometimes they don't end well. As one who was a widow at 29, I know all too well. But I can tell you this, God gives us reminders such as your ordeal that show us just how precious life is and not to take it or each other for granted. It makes us hold our little ones a little tighter. God's angels were standing around that minivan with arms of strength to protect your wife. What a testimony! God is surely good. Thank you for the reminder that life is fragile and to be cherished with those that we love and love us!