Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silhouette of Dreams

Silhouette of Dreams

I love the scent of her
While the silhouette of the
Dreams of dawn still linger

I love the scent of her
Before life knocks out her wind
As she walks out the door
And leaves me for awhile

The enhancing colors
Of a bleeding rose
On her foreign lips
Entice me and ease me
Back to sleep

Armor with a weakened link
Her dreams may be fading
But they’re still her light
And they keep me wide awake

Shifting clouds appear too close
Some shaped like piano keys
Playing her own melodies
As the dreams of dawn still linger
Their silhouette brings her to her knees

Comfort I feel
when we undress the day
and the scent of her
drifts my way
as we lay down and dream it all up again

r.s. graybill

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