Friday, August 1, 2014

Crumbs of Curiosity: Part 10 of 10

Another year had passed, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Time, with its many mysteries, seems to change based on perspective and attitude, a process that mortals cannot prevent, only adapt toward. Daily life, and the hours that filled it, were certainly different for Dylan Trout now. They flew by like a cool summer breeze, full of refreshing change and comforting stillness. Dylan was still a member of Homsher & Herr’s, but he no longer stopped every day on just the 24th floor. He certainly did frequent this location, including his old office where time dragged and slowed for eleven years before skipping a beat and reawakening a dormant man.
Dylan was no longer dormant. He had a few key ingredients to new success. One was purpose. Dylan had made his way to the 32nd floor office as the head of accounting by remembering that his job and his life contained essential meaning and need. Accountant Trout was good at what he did - in fact, he could now admit to being brilliant. Others noticed too. Most of them immediately.
Another was a sense of belonging. Rae had instilled that in his heart while up on the roof, but Jill had brought it home to last. No man is an island they say, and now Dylan Trout was no longer that stranded man, alone and unnoticed. Now, it is true enough that he still had enough social awkwardness and quirks to make him quiet on occasion and stumble through presentations. Yet, there he was every morning taking his cookie down the hall to leave with a secretary, or a janitor, or a board member, or just in a random spot for a random stranger in need. Occasionally the cookie was eaten by the original recipient, Dylan, as a reminder of Rae and his grandmother, and a reaffirmation of his meaningful journey. Often a note of encouragement stood beside the treat.

The final key to Dylan’s success was actually with him all along, though of course he failed to notice. It is truly a shame to have so many ignored clues go unclaimed in life - neglected signs from angels in waiting. So, Dylan went around and embellished the signs which had been with him during his vision into the past. He added a little flair to aid others who were willing to be CURIOUS enough to look.
On the rooftop door, which often opened to Dylan and coworkers during their lunch break, there was this sign:
And hanging in the waiting room, where Dylan indeed learned the value of waiting, was this reminder:
And in the elevator, a pathway to all who wait to enter both the expected hallways and the chance encounters, hangs this simple message:
Finally, if you happen to visit the snack station in the lobby, with seemingly infinite refreshments, you may notice one more worthy bit of advice, courtesy of Rae’s Refreshments:
the end.

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