Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crumbs of Curiosity: Part 8 of 10

One of the many quirky things about flashing back in time, whether through your mind or in history, is the perceptions of being both your present self and your past self at the same moment. It is a sharing of two similar bodies, minds and spirits. Like Siamese twins, except others can only see one.
Dylan was now on the spot, arriving to his first interview and coming face to face with the woman that would capture his heart for the next eleven years, even during the darkness and pain when doubts and disease overloaded his life.
“Hello. Jill. I am... Dylan Trout.” Both of the dual personalities running his body at the moment realized that he should say something. So he slowly acted out this real world play.
“Nice to meet you! Today we are going to have you speak with a few members of our hiring team, including me, to see if you would be a good fit for our company. Are you ready?” Jill seemed genuine and encouraging, two endearing traits that never really waivered during the time Dylan had known her.
They walked into the room, and greeted the remaining five members of the team. It was a mixed group in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity. Naturally, Dylan focused on Jill across the table from him, but answered everyone’s questions in a meaningful and thoughtful manner. He spoke of his upbringing once, and that he was trying to find his place in the world since his grandmother passed away. Now, using his dual vision, Dylan noticed an older lady in the corner who was wiping away a tear. He had not focused on her during the initial event, but the present day person could quickly draw a string of connections.
This was the person who spoke to him at the reception.
This was the person who met him on the rooftop.
This was the person who reminded him of home, of his grandmother, and even of cookies.
Dylan reached into his pocket to feel the cellophane wrapper again. He closed his eyes and shook his head to clear the bewilderment of connections from his mind. Pieces of the puzzle, crumbs of the trail to his personal mystery were starting to come together. Dylan was ready. Ready to ask questions and make the curious move to the unknown possible again. He counted to three, and opened his eyes.
He opened them only to find the office space quiet and void of people once again. Hard to get answers from a darkened room during the darkness of night. Or maybe not, thought Dylan. He had success of the rooftop before, maybe his next clue was back there again.
Up he went, curious and eager to meet his fortunes again. This was not the same man who had woken up and come to the office twelve hours earlier. Well, it was technically, but certainly not spiritually. In fact, his spirits were anxious and he took the steps two at a time and burst through the roof door once again.
Briefly he feared that nothing would be there, and the void of his life would remain. He could no longer go back to the doldrums which defined his past five years. Dylan had somehow reconciled that the pain which he had once faced and resurfaced now was a part of the healing process and his wings would not spread if he stayed in his cocoon. Fortunately, the lady he wished to speak with awaited him again, this time on a chair beside another which was available for him.
“Please tell me who you are and why I know you,” Dylan said with some urgency as he approached her.
“You know me because you have always known me,” she cryptically replied. “I was by your mother when you were born. In the sanctuary when you were baptised, and likewise when your mother died. I have come to your grandmother’s when you went to sleep crying, and even sent you extra money or gifts when you were going through school. I knew the anger you felt, and the deep sadness, too. I stayed by as a shadow sometimes, or a sunbeam if needed, but always present. I know that you don’t know me well, but the reverse cannot be said. Dylan, you may call me Rae. I was your grandmother’s best friend and your guardian angel.”

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