Sunday, August 17, 2014


Photo: It is hard to believe this picture was taken 12 years ago, walking into our reception to Bono singing. ( wish I could say it was the real Bono..ha!) Happy Anniversary, Ryan! " It's one love, we get to share it.." Love you!

Happy 12th, Angie!
I had three or four different cameras set up throughout the sanctuary for our wedding. I wanted the special occasion to be caught from all angles (although thinking back I should have had a camera crane). Twelve years later those multiple angles are still yet to be edited together into one seamless production, but there’s one scene that whether captured on tape or not is carved into my memory. I recently told my brother before his wedding that it would be something he never forgets and that’s the first time you see your bride walking down the aisle towards you…and a whole new life. When Angie walked down the aisle towards me I wasn’t just staring at my bride that was only moments away of being my wife, I was staring at the most beautiful woman I had ever seen (I couldn’t be more sincere when saying that). Picture the most glorious moonlit night or tri-colored sunset and there’s no comparison to how amazing she looked as she protruded grace and elegance on her walk towards a man that was so in love and so blessed. Which is why I didn’t need it captured on video (thankfully it is though). It was the only part of the day that seemed slowed down from real time. After that, everything else that day was as fast as a flash. So have the last twelve years.
But what a day! As I stood up there in awe of how gorgeous Angie looked, I was surrounded by my best-men…not groomsmen, but best-men that made the day all the more memorable. My only regret was not having my dad up there with me. I’m thankful that he was there to witness our union because a short four years later he’d be only watching from heaven when Madison was born.
Once I was given the go-ahead to kiss my bride, I sprayed some breath freshener in my mouth and kissed my wife. From there we exited the church to a shower of bubbles and were escorted to the reception where we entered (I in my Bono-shades) to All I Want is You and immediately started our first dance to Beautiful Day (The DJ switched the two songs around). Needless to say, in the presence of God, family and friends, it was most certainly a beautiful day.
To my wife…
When marrying you I made promises. Many promises. Other than the ones we stated in our vows, I made several more during our marriage. One being to be the best husband and eventually father that I possibly can. Those are two roles that I do not take lightly and I promise you that it something I’m striving for each and every day. I am perfectly imperfect and you still love me and for that I am overwhelmed with admiration. I am truly blessed to have three beautiful daughters and truly blessed to have such a loving, warm-hearted, inspirational wife. My biggest goal in life is to dream out loud and you are the backbone to all of those dreams. Every dream I have involves you and the girls. Every success I’ve had and will have is not mine, but ours. Your heart of pure selflessness, your unconditional love, your dance of grace through the hills and valleys of life are what drives me to be a better, husband, father and man. Knowing your love never fades, never falters and never is questioned makes me realize how truly lucky and blessed I am. For all my faults, for all my shortcomings I can only say one thing and that is that I promise that you married someone that will never stop growing as person and never stop striving to a be the best husband and father I can be. With all my heart, I love and adore you. Happy 12th Anniversary!

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