Monday, May 4, 2015

Mighty: A Mother's Day Note

I wrote the following for my wife on Mother's Day 2014:

I was inspired - as I am every week - by the tremendous sermon last year on Mother's Day at Christ Church (Lorton Station, VA). I hope to write something again this year to honor my wife. 

You are mighty. And I’m not talking about all mothers or even a select few. I’m referring to you and to you alone. You are the mighty that the weak admire. When those around you have to step upon shoulders in order to be seen, you just simply rise to your feet. For it’s not only your unwavering beauty, your smiles of delight and your warm heart of grace, but your strength as well that lifts people from their mires and their troubling days that evokes a feeling of joy. They (those around you, that have had the pleasure of knowing you) walk more upright, they breathe with an air of confidence because you just being you gave them something to appreciate about themselves. For it’s a unique beauty you possess. One that goes beyond the looks (which still cause me to stare), but to one that travels deep within, under the skin, where grace grows its roots and spreads a fruitful spirit, a contagious smile that even the stars admire. You are mighty because of so much more…reasons that include being such a wonderful mother. Christ-centered mothers are of such short supply, but of high demand which is why I consider myself so fortunate and so blessed to have you as not only my wife, but as the mother of our daughters. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you with all my heart.

Mother's Day 2014

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