Friday, August 22, 2014

Family Album

Summer 2014: With family outside of church (Fairfax Station, VA)

October 2013: With family at our annual visit to Cox Farm (The Pumpkin Patch).

August 17th 2002: Our Wedding Day...Here Angie is dancing with my dad. One of my all-time favorite pictures. I"m proud to say we were married in Paradise...Paradise, PA that is.

July 2014: Me standing with my living hero, my grandpa, Ralph J. Homsher. This was taken at his home during our 10-day visit back home in PA.

July 2014: My beautiful girls! I'm so blessed! Taken at the new Penn State Arboretum, this was also part of our 10-day trip to PA. Highly recommend if you are ever in the area.

June 2014: Me with my big Kindergarten graduate! Bailey has since turned 6 and begins 1st grade next week. She's my second daughter.

April 2013: Here, Madison, my oldest, is holding our handsome cat, Spielberg. A year and a day later after this photo was taken we had to say good-bye to our cat that was with us for over 12 years. You can tell by the picture how much he was loved.

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