Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Walk to the Water

I just now found this hiding in my external hard drive. Almost had forgotten about it. This will most likely be my third novel once I finish Passages. Every once in awhile I'll be struck with a bolt of an idea that can't be contained and I have to sit down right then and there to get it out of my head and on "paper". Usually it's a poem.

-excerpt from Walk to the Water by Ryan S. Graybill (March, 2011)

Stars were covered by the day-long clouds and he laid there broken-hearted, dirt marks on his knees, which could no longer support him. But the thing that kept him down - where his only movement would be a humiliating crawl - was his broken spirit.

“I’m tired of thinking I can walk on water. Tired of judging people simply because they cannot.” Reaching down, he scooped up soil from the dry earth, took a breath before releasing an unsteady exhale that like his skin, showed its wrinkles. “I just want to walk on land and with every step not be reminded of sins I’ve committed and recommit myself to life that was given to me that I’ve spent so long avoiding and at the same time messing up to a point it’s barely recognizable.” Throat tightening, he fought to formulate his thoughts. “A lot of people…good, decent, wonderful people have died and for no good reason that can be understood. They’re gone while I’m here still breathing despite the wicked that I’ve allowed to rule my life.” The ground, dusty and bare, became his pillow for his aching head. His breathing blew puffs of dust off into the distance carried by the melodic wind. “I feel I’m within an inescapable, self-made prison. I ache…my insides bleed and I can’t stop it.” Rolling onto his back he stared off into the universe that could swallow him whole at any time. “I just want to feel as if everything has been erased…I want to feel clean.”

          Bending down, his friend looked him into his sorrowful eyes, placing a hand over his barely-beating wound. “What would you like me to do?”

          Taking his focus off the sky which was closing in quickly, he stared into his onlooker’s eyes. “Walk me to the water.”

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