Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blogging 101: Overload!

This post is based off of a prompt I received as part of a blogging course I registered for. It's not normally something I would think of as a post which makes it perfect for exercising my writing skills (and hopefully improving them).

Here's the prompt: 

Overload Alert: "Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." - Gertrude Stein

Do you agree?

My approach to this question is typical of my way of thinking...which is a classic "for better, for worse" scenario. I wonder if I'm pigeon-holing my creative process by always contemplating and eventually tackling situations (albeit questions, conversations, problem-solving etc.) the same way. The way I naturally handle it isn't necessary the right way because it may be masked by one of those nasty things we call habits. Bad habits. And bad habits become routine and routines descend us into ruts leading us to an unfilled moment. I for one don't want an accumulation of unfilled moments because I think we can infer the result of that catastrophe - no fuel to ignite ambition. The perfect question then would be, "What am I doing to avoid unfulfilled moments that blossom from a seed of a bad habit?" And just because something blossoms doesn't mean you what to be the focal point of your garden.

Before I answer the proposed question, I have to ask a question - Where are you getting your information from? This propels another question - How can there possibly be an overload of information? Easy. If it's the wrong information - or the right information with no clue how to use that new-found knowledge. Here's my thought on this: One of the human mind's main objectives and purposes is to absorb knowledge. We can only hope we gain the wisdom to decipher between the worthwhile and the hogwash.

So if the brain needs nourishment in the form of knowledge then it's safe to assume the mind can also become malnourished due to a lack of necessary data. Without that data, that fuel, we become compulsively passive...quick to dismiss and ignore any possibility or opportunity that would elevate our thinking to a new platform.

There are stupid people out there. There's a simple reason why (for some). They hang out with other stupid people. Why are they stupid? Because they have neglected to nourish their thinking. Hanging around with people like that evokes no invigorating conversations. No growth. No desire to overcome opposition. If they were to start conversing with a different crowd where the people in that crowd yearn for knowledge you have the same person, but a completely different person at the same time.

This brings me back to the question I already asked, Where are you getting your information from? Have you ever asked yourself how credible  your source is? Here's one of my problems with colleges...I guess it's not the college's fault it's the malnourished thinking and reasoning by its students. Think of the last time you spouted off something, a little factoid of information, that you were so rigid in your thinking and belief that it was true that you didn't even open your mind to listen to what other's had to say. Doesn't apply to you? Maybe on some degree? My point is that some of us proactively thirst for knowledge and we're so quick to shout out that knowledge never questioning the validity of it all. Students are so quick to agree with what professors have to say, but they don't take the time to think for themselves. They pawn it off as the truth. It's plagiarism we've become blinded to. Why is the professor right? Why is your pastor right? You do realize you were given a mind to make your own decisions, right? If I attached my belief system to my first handful of professors I would be in a spiritual mire right now thinking there was no God and treating communism like a party-favor.

Harry Potter is a perfect example of what I'm trying to say. When the fantasy-adventure first came out some churches had a conniption over the fact it involved witches and wizards and sorcery (ummm...what do you The Force is?). One church up the road would yell fire and brimstone while the church down the street had no problem with it. What do you think the people up the road started believing? Yep, that it was all bad blah blah blah. The funny thing is if the people from up the road went to the church down the road they would believe the exact opposite. Why? Because they inherited someone else's knowledge or way of thinking as their own. They lacked the wisdom on how to use that knowledge. If they would have read the book and then developed a decision about the Harry Potter and still didn't approve, then great! At least you did your own thinking.

Please do not make any implications with this blog. Remember, I'm just trying exercise my skills here. I'm not saying professors are always wrong (but, they are as human as the rest of us) as are pastors. Pastors aren't always right either. Bottom line: I'm just trying to answer a question here...oh! The question...what was it? Something about losing common sense with all the information we receive every day?

My answer? Depends what information. Are you researching? Are you engaged in a deep, poetic, mesmerizing conversation? Are you seeking out truth? Then whatever you find or get out of that circumstance is nourishment.

Are you spending your time on Facebook complaining about every single flippin' thing that comes along? Oh. My. Gosh! Well then, you are severely malnourished...so much so you don't even realize how ridiculously rotten you are.

I bestow my deepest gratitude to all of you that seek out challenges in your life that will inspire change, growth, positive attitudes and a sense of peace.

Afterthought: The funny thing is, I was able to read some other answers to this question and one person responded, no. That'ts it. A one-word answer. Not sure what to think of that in comparison to mine :) Oh, well. Just a homework assignment.

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