Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dawn's Angel

This is a poem I wrote on May 27th 1995. I had a U2 song in my head from The Joshua Tree. If you were to take a listen it would take you long to figure it out. My buddies Chris and Mike from college had started to turn this into a song on their acoustic guitars. If we had had iphones back then it would have been easy to record it and still have today. I wrote it for Angie - Angela Dawn - who at the time was just my girlfriend - seven years away from being my wife.

Desert dreams
 oceans flow through my desert dreams
  deserted by a faithless kiss
   our secrets will dream tonight

 my soul stands free
  no longer imprisoned by sightless eyes
   that cover woven truth

Sunlit train
 we will ride the sunlit train*
  toward tangled array
   diseases ended by a spiritual hand
    that is what I want to give

Kiss her hand
 bruised and battered I will kiss her hand
  we will make a golden shadow
   covering the Almighty's land

Ocean floor
 we will watch the stars from the ocean floor
  sands will circle
   and greet the sky's nightlights

Fall within
 within her I will fall
  lead her through the valley of shadows
   no darkness will shine tonight

 I will save her wing under my pillow
  if she feels the same for me
   we will be covered by faithful memories

By the shore
 the moon will
  saying it's alright

She's dawn's angel
 Beside me she sleeps under midnight's light
  Riding and searching for the dust from the stars

Dreamless and dusk
 Her lips are as sweet as my whispers
  That hold our night
    Need not I dream
     She's another angel's dream

If I fall
  Where will I land
    On my pillow full of dreams
      I am bruised and battered
       Will she kiss my hand
         Am I the other angel who she seeks tonight


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