Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 1

Just the other night I had a thought - a memory really - about the story I had written way back in 6th grade. Mrs. Kurtz was my teacher. And Mrs. Kurtz would give us writing time...two days out of the week, I believe, and I absolutely loved it. I looked forward to it...and at that time being a writer was the furthest thing from my mind. All I thought about in those day were girls, soccer and whether or not I parted my hair on the same side Alex P. Keaton did.

Actually, I stand corrected. Thinking back, there was a little bit of a writing bug in me. The story you are about to read was something that made me extremely proud. I had even asked Mrs. Kurtz if she thought it was good enough to be published. Being a teacher myself, I am almost certain she got a good chuckle out of it.

Here's her honest reply that she wrote in my writing journal: "I think it's a good story for a sixth grader but to be honest, I think you'd have a hard time having it published."

My first rejection. Well, like I always say, a "no" means you're that much closer to a "yes."

The following is a story, that as hard as it will be, I will keep as true to the original writing as possible.

Here it goes...

Sept 21, 1987

"Fight for your Right"

     It all started in about the winter of 1981 when I was going in to town to buy a few things to snack on. On the way to the store I heard a loud bang. I walked over and looked to see what it was. It was a young boy who knoked down a trash barrel. He was about a year or two younger than me. I walked over and said "looking for anything." The boy turned around and said Uh. I saw then that the boy probably was lost for a long period of time because his clothes were all ripped and it was in the middle of the winter. I asked the boy if he was lost and he just ran away. I followed him and I ended up at a big box where lay a couple of smelly blankets. Then the boy said no but my parents left me here and forgot all about me like two years ago. I said let's go to

That's the end of the first section. Here's what Mrs. Kurtz wrote: "What an interesting story!"

To be continued...

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