Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 2 & 3

*From my 6th grade writing journal...

The adventures of - so far an unnamed boy - and...another unnamed boy. (Good grief.) Anyway, I just know you've been dying to see what happens next.

Sept 29, 1987 house I could find good clothes for you. The boy jump up and said "all right!" Then I said follow me. When we got home my mom asked the kid what was his name. The boy was not shy at all because he was so excited to get more clothes on. He's name happened to be Simon. We gave him some gloves a winter hat and warm pants and shirt and especially food! He ate like a horse. I said mom why dosen't he stay here and my mom said she wasn't sure I said please and she took another look at the boy and said...

Teacher Note: I wonder what she said.

Oct 7, 1987

...I guess until we take him to the adoption center. The ADOPTION CENTER I said very loudly what do you mean the adoption center I said quieter this time. What I mean is that we don't have enough rooms for him to sleep. I walked away very quietly away to my room. (Remember, I 'm writing the way it's written) When Simon finished he went to my room and sat down beside me and said Do you think you can talk your mom out of taking me to the adoption center. I said sure I can. Next Day came down to breakfast to talk to my mom. I said mom can you please let Simon stay. My mom said I'm sorry Ryan (Oh, nice! I didn't know I was the main character.) But I told you that we don't have room. I went outside and slammed the door behind me. Simon ran up to me and said can I stay can I stay. I said Simon no but I'll keep trying to talk my mom in to it. I said do you know how to play baseball to Simon. He said no I never even heard of the game. I said come on I'll show you. I told him how to hold the bat, to play in the field, what you do when you hit the ball, ...

Teacher Note: What happened to Simon?

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