Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 4

*From my 6th grade writing journal...

The saga continues with Ryan and Simon...


...what you can do on base and all the rules. he said that know he remembered playing a year or two of baseball in little league. So we played a game I beat him 31-12. Then I teached him how to play soccer, hockey, basketball, calliover, board games. My mom that night said to me when Simon went to be early because we had a very busy day, that she saw how much fun we had together that she decided to adopt him. Next day in school I heard a kid (who happened to be the meanest and richest family on the block) say to his friends that his parents are going to try to dress up and actually say to Simon that they are his real parents. That night I came home from school and walked up to my mom and she said Ryan guess want I officially adopted Simon. Then she said he's up in his room. I said hold everything mom I heard today that Dwayne the meanest and richest kid on the block said there parents are doing to steal Simon.

Teacher's comment: I wonder what happened next?

As I'm sure you are too :)

Continue reading next time when Simon's mom says she will call the police and tell them to come over and handcuff the Nixons.

Well, this just keeps getting better and better.

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