Monday, September 15, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 5 & 6

*From my 6th grade writing journal...
Oct 23, 1987

"What" she said in a loud high voice. "They're going to steal Simon. They're going to dress up and say to you that they're his real parents." My mom said she's going to call the police and tell them to come over and handcuff the Nixon's (the neighbors). That night me and Simon had a discussion about the Nixon's. He understood the whole thing without a problem. That night at 7:00 two police hid in the den while the Nixons talked to my mom. The police came out after a few minutes and said You under arrest. Then sent all the Nixons to court.  5 mon. past it was summer know and time for little league to begin. We had 10 - 15 practices before...

Nov 2, 1987

...the first game began. Those practices were really needed for Simon. After around the fifth practice I talked to coach and said "Mr. Schmidt hows Simon doing" He said in a low voice "Well Ryan I hate to say but were gonna have to kick him off the team." "I see" I said walking away slowly almost beginning to turn around and staggle him. I walked up to Simon and started to say Simon I........he interupted me and said I know I'm kicked off the team. I said "How do you know." "I heard you and the coach talking" he said. I got a great idea let's go to the ball park and practice for a while. Teacher comment: Then what?

Recap: Police came. They hid. They took the Nixons to court. Some time passed and Mike Schmidt decided to kick Simon off the team.

Tune in next time when Ryan says, "Simon pretend that theirs two outs bottom of the ninth and if you catch it you will win the World Series."

Yes, that's the best quote I could find.

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