Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 7 & 8

*From my 6th grade writing journal...
Nov 11, 1987 When we reached the ball field the dirt was all soft. Simon said "This is great." I'll pitch some ball to you" I said. I pitched the ball to Simon and he swung and missed. "Keep your eye on the ball" I shouted and pretend your in the Majors and the bases are loaded, bottom of the ninth 2 outs and its a full count. Then I said "Keep thinking about that, all the time." he kept on missing them until when I said OK Simon heres the last pitch if you hit we'll come back tomorrow. I pitched the ball then Simon swung he hit the ball way past the outfield. I ran up to him and said "alright" you did it and I jump up on his back and thanked the wonderful Lord Jesus. Next day we went to the field and I told Simon to go out into centerfield and that I'll hit balls to him. I hit ball so he would catch them. As usual he would miss all of them. Then I said "Simon pretend that theirs two outs bottom of the ninth and if you catch it you will win the World Series. He kept on missing them until he just started to cry because he couldn't do anything right. Then I said Simon your never going to win or have a friend if you give up. He said "Really." "Really" I said. Then he said what are you waiteing for let's go out and play. 

Teacher Comment: What happened then?

Nov 19, 1987

Simon got so good since me and him practiced a lot I said to Mr. Schmidt. He said " Sorry son but we already told him that he never could join again until I see him practice really hard. Then I said "OK come to the Park this Saturday and I'll show you he's good. So the next Saturday we (Simon and I) showed Mr. Schmidt. After he was convinced he said to Simon your on the team. Simon and I ran home to tell mom & dad. They were so glad that they invited Mr. Schmidt over to eat supper with us. The next game was against Willow Street with the record of 3-0 and were 1-2. The coach told us the line-up it started out with

                                                                                 John Hemfield| CF
                                                                                  Jack Nicholus| LF
                                                                                  Eric Davis|RF

I ended this day of writing with the question I had mentioned on the first segment.

Mrs. Kurtz
do you think this is a good story if so do you think I could send to get it published?

Looking at my journal right now I see it had been scribbled out. Most likely after I read her response. I tend to get my hopes up for things...guess I did back then too.

Her response:
I think it's a good story for a sixth grader but to be honest, I think you'd have a hard time having it published.

At least I didn't give up on my story. Tune in next time when Willow Street scores seven runs in the first inning. Will Ryan and Simon's team come back? I can honestly say I don't remember myself...but I could probably make a good guess.

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