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Grace Leads Home: Excerpt 1

This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason I started this blog. Grace Leads Home is my first, as-of-yet unpublished, completed novel. My goal is to use crowd-sourcing to help with the funds to publish it as an e-book within the next few months.

The story began back in 2000 when my best pal and I decided to finally put our heads together to write a screenplay. Long story short...about four years later the screenplay was completed. I even went to get it professionally copied and bound. And for two years I was happy about that until I got the idea to turn it into a novel. It was a creative awakening. To have the story outlined already in a screenplay format, all I had to do was to fill in the spaces. I most likely decided through this process that I wanted to become a writer of not just one novel, but many.

From 2006 to 2010 I worked on GLH off and on. Sometimes months and months would go by - partially due to babies being born and work and yes, laziness. Or I guess I should say lack of discipline. But on New Year's Eve 2009 I decided to make a resolution to write every day. Less than a month later I had written almost two-thirds of the novel. It was finished...sort of. GLH has been a constant thought. I've changed it, added to it, deleted parts and even had a friend/relative edit it for me. But until I get it published it's in a constant state of change.

Needless to say, I love this story. It is deeply inspired by my youth and hanging out with my cousins to reading the Chronicles of Narnia.

I'm thrilled to introduce you to three young boys that I've known for 15 years - Riley, Daulton and Kerry.

Grace Leads Home
A Novel by: Ryan S. Graybill

Journal Entry

I feel that I can finally state with undoubted and whole-hearted sincerity that I have found an inner peace…a connection from previous struggles to either triumph over those adversities or just acceptance. I realize now that I have been given something special. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I now have around me an unframed, borderless map…a view into another world, if you will, that has led to unearthing my soul and an awakening within my subconscious that has transcended all inhibitions to a point where I feel a power…no, a purpose. This purpose has become an accelerated mission to seek out those that have become lost and guide them in their journey home (of which I am thankful that was done for me). More importantly, to help them uproot themselves in an effort to find their true identity on a deeper more substantial level so that home is no longer just another dot on the map.



Moment of Surrender
        It would be another half an hour before the sun’s brush strokes of light and color would spread over the horizon. Both Miles and Pierce woke up far away from where they had fallen asleep and completely out of view from each other. They hadn’t moved voluntarily – no sleepwalking or the usual shenanigans. The cabin, however, remained unmoved, but not unchanged. It continued to elude a mysterious presence and cast a frightful aura.

          Miles, his clothes wrinkled and eyes blood-shot, stumbled towards the steps of the cabin. He turned the knob on the door which just hours – was it hours?- ago had rendered itself impenetrable. Now the knob turned as if it had been smothered in grease. Miles, looking around outside wondering where Pierce had gone, stepped inside the cabin. It was completely filled with artifacts. Some he recognized. He noticed a pocket-watch lying near an eclectic array of debris. Once lustrous, the watch was now tarnished with an antique appearance. Miles still remembered it…and its significance. He had given that to his son. With that thought, his skin chilled. What son? Bewilderment stifled his thinking while his head started to spin. Turning the heirloom over, he read the engraving. Son - If we only had more - Dad. Miles inhaled sharply and couldn’t catch his breath enough to exhale. The watch dropped to the floor.

          “Miles! Miles!” Pierce came barging into the cabin with his hair sprouting in different directions with the same baffled look Miles had when he woke up. “What the hell just happened, Miles?”

          He didn’t answer. Miles’ eyes were wide and breath panicky.

          “Miles!?” Pierce noticed his friend’s fright. He tried to shake him out of his trance. “Come on, man. Snap out of it! I need to know what happened!” Pierce was on the verge of hyperventilating. He knew, looking at how Miles, frozen with confusion covering his face, that he had had the same experience. But what was it? What happened?

          In a slurred, whispery mumble, Miles spoke. “Did that ha…n tt youuu?”


          “Did that…hap…happen…to you?

Pierce's stability was imploding. His words quick, yet unfaltering. “Yes, I think so…but I don’t know what it was! I’m going out of mind though! We gotta get out of here! We gotta go! We gotta leave! Now!” 


          “I don’t know where he is! Come on,” Pierce started whimpering. The fear began to creep and resonate. “Miles, let’s go!”

          A low, buzzing vibration began within the walls. Hearing it, the two boys sensed that it started far away, but became louder to the point where their ears rang. Slowly backing out of the cabin, down the steps, passed the fire pit, they ran to wherever their legs would take them. They ran hoping to escape the memories that came from the darkness and shook their inner being stripping it to the core. They no longer wanted the cabin to be in their line of vision. If they could not see it then maybe it would no longer exist and that everything that happened never really happened at all.

           Then in a mysterious twist of irony or perhaps destiny, as the young men continued to scurry wildly into the deep, deep forest…the cabin disappeared.

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