Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gratitude and Grace

I've always liked numbers. I'm not always the greatest on the computation part of them, but ever since I was young I was obsessed with stats. Baseball stats. I would always be fiddling with my baseball cards. If I wasn't reorganizing them once more (late at night way past my bedtime) then I was flipping them over and comparing hits and home runs and averages to other players or to themselves from previous years. When the Sunday paper came I immediately flipped to the page of stats where all the pitchers and hitters would be listed...always looking for the "PHI" or for other favorites like Henderson, Clemens and Griffey Jr. Even today I look at projected stats, but know better than to put any faith into them. I don't think Utley is going to hit 85 doubles this year.

It only makes sense to feel the need and desire to count my blessings. Unlike with my baseball cards, I don't make comparisons. My blessings are a gift to me - and need to be shared. We used to sing a song around the campfire called, The Magic Penny. One of the lines went like this: "if you hold it tight you won't have many, but if you lend it, spend it, you'll have so many they'll roll all over floor." Blessings are the same way. After all, isn't a magic penny a blessing?

I try to express gratitude nightly with prayers and try to model that appreciation to my daughter's as I remind them how fortunate we are to have what we have (even though our most glamorous purchase in the last 5 years was a used TV). Not everybody has a plate let alone food to put on it so it hurts if ever I scrape some uneaten food into the disposal). Not everyone has walls to live behind or a comfortable bed (or in my case just a cozy adjective to describe it).

I'm family is blessed in so many ways. I would find it irresponsible and selfish not to acknowledge all of the positives, the good, the blessings in my life...and I'm sure I don't even think of all of them. I just want to dedicate this post to all of our family and friends (my church is considered both) that have shown us your beam of grace by helping us in whatever way you did. My family's gratitude is immeasurable and have left us...well, counting our blessings. There is grace in generosity and grace, with a heart in the right place is contagious. There's nothing I want more than to follow your lead and show grace through generosity to those in need.

With all of my heart,
Thank you!



Anonymous said...

This was one of my favorite posts yet! You hit on key memories of growing up with the challenges and adult emotions we face now. Thank you, Ryan, for your insights... and for trading me all those baseball cards way back when!

Ryan S. Graybill said...

I just now saw this comment...thank you! It means a lot especially coming from you. And I'm glad I traded you that Ernie Banks...otherwise neither of us would have it now :)