Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interview with Mr. Graybill (Part 1)

I gave my students an opportunity to interview me on the first day of school. I have done this in the past and they seemed to have enjoyed it. After giving them an index card, I instructed them to write down three questions (in case someone else asked the same one). They were then to pick three of four of their favorite facts about me and incorporate them into a paragraph. Following are some of the writing samples I received. In the spirit of authenticity, I did my best to write them exactly as they did.

I can only say that I 'm glad to be teaching Math. Good luck, Mr. Tobin!

     Mr. Grabill has been teaching for 14 years. He's favriote color is green and Blue. favriote candye is Reeces PB upps and jellyBeans, favriote tvshow is lost. Played sports as a kid is baseball, soccer, and basketball.

                                                                                                       Mr. Graybill has
three dater Madison, Balley and Sophie. He started teaching in 2001, at Newington Forest. His favoret ice cream flavor is rocky road with berrys. He likes to teach. His favoret thing to teach in math is Geometry.

     Mr. Graybill's favorite colours are green and blue. Mr. Graybill's favorite food! His favorite basketball team is any Philadelphia team. His most favorite TV show is Lost. Mr. Graybill is, my 5th grade teacher and he is awesome.

Here is a Haiku I
wrote about Mr. Graybill

Mr. Graybill

He teaches 5th grade,
He is an awesome teacher, 
He is Really great!
By: L.E.

     I learned many things about Mr. Graybill, but I'm just gonna narrow things down by only using 4 facts about him. Mr. Graybill has a greenthumb. He loves to plant flowers. Mr. Graybill likes teaching because he likes leaving a positive impact on kids. his favorite movie with Robin Williams in it is Mrs. Doubtfire, but his biggest pet-peave is when people don't follow the rules. This school year will be great!

     Mr. Graybill has three brothers. When he was ten years old he liked collecting baseball cards. Mr. Graybill thinks that the Eagles are going to win the superbowl. And he does not like the movie Batman and Robin.

     Today I lerented about Mr. Graybill what I lerented was. He likes the colors green and blue and hates the movie batman and robin. He has bein teaching since 2002. When people don't fallow the rules it is a pet peve. He likes the movie Mrs.doubtfire and his favriote shape is a sphere. Those are somethings I lerented about Mr. Graybill

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Anonymous said...

Love this writing idea for an intro! Simple and fun, and certainly an interesting sample to share!! DOL