Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Today we took our annual trip to Cox Farm and although it's not technically a pumpkin patch, we've always called it that. I have lost count of how many times we have actually frequented the farm, but I think we've only missed one year since Madison was born. We have also been able to bring family along with us (Mimi Penny, Mimi Sue and Maw Maw and Paw Paw from Texas), but this year it was just us. And even though we missed having family along, the girls and I had a great time in the 80-degree, sun-filled, fall-isn't-quite-here-yet day.

There's an assortment of eye-catching activities all across the 116-acre farm such as slides and hay-bale mazes, tractor rides and also dispersed throughout are plenty of animals from ginormous pigs to goats (that I avoided this year), chicks and cows. Dotting the landscape were plenty of trees providing relief from the sun. I only noticed two that were yielding to the oncoming autumn months. In previous years we had gone later and the burnt orange and vibrant red leaves were a photographers (I wish I was one) dream.

The tractor ride is one of the most enjoyable activities. Who doesn't like a hay ride? With a plethora of characters (Shrek, Snoopy etc.) propped up all around, crash-landed aliens and cowboys and cowgirls on horseback make it the most creative hayride I've ever been on. Oh, and we had to oink like pigs in order to pass under the bridge guarded by trolls.

While the tractor rides are a favorite I also enjoy the antique tractors that rest among the tall grass with their working days long gone. Something my dad would have enjoyed. The big dinosaur slide extracted child-like screams of laughter. My daughters could have ridden it all day. What a moment as a father hearing and seeing them run all around laughing and smiling. Isn't great to think that heaven is an eternity of that joy?

My favorite thing at Cox Farm besides the trees starting to dress themselves in different shades for fall and my girls running around having a great time is the apple cider. Right from the barrel. Boy, I could just wrap my mouth around the dispenser and guzzle until my belly bursts. No bees buzzing around this year either! And when we leave we get a complimentary pumpkin that will call for the other festive decorations to come out.

Please scroll down to see more pictures of our day!

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