Sunday, October 12, 2014

Character Sketch: Lady on the Couch

After resting on the couch - what felt like an eternal sleep - she was surprised there was no residue of grogginess. Feeling refreshed and renewed, she made her way to the kitchen and turned on one soft light as well as the faucet, but only lifting the handle enough for the flow to be a trickle. Feeling the water on her skin, she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment. The weight of her day - her life - draining. Out beyond the kitchen window, the combination of the beam of moonlight filling her small yard. and the colors of her perennials, still in full-bloom, resonated deep within her forcing out a hum. With no words, her song was a sweet and quiet lullaby just for herself, no one else - something she realized she should have spent more time doing. Tomorrow would be a new day. A new beginning.

Using her polished finger-tips to brush her long brunette hair behind each ear, continuing her serenade, she dried off her hands, but continued to stare upon the majestic light from the starry solar system. The house was empty although she felt a presence that immediately made her realize she had been ignoring it for the latter part of her life. She always knew it was there, but chose to push it away always knowing tomorrow would come and with it would bring another opportunity to change her tune. Her tune never changed, not until tonight. Nor did her home. Other than the new spring flowers she would plant - or ask someone else to plant - nothing changed. 

Children never vacated the bedrooms upstairs. A husband never kissed the nape of her neck and never sat under the stars counting how many shot across the sky landing somewhere on the dark horizon. She was well-liked when out and about with always a kind word, always a warm heart. Her home however, never had a door opened to the outside world. Something now she realized and regretted, but somehow knew it was too late. This realization caused a lull in her lullaby.

Feeling a desire for company was an unusual feeling. She was surprised that it didn't feel that way at this particular moment. She wanted to converse to laugh boisterously to feel surrounded by the glow of friends - and even family although they had been gone for quite awhile.

Straightening the kitchen towel on the oven-door handle and putting the morning's coffee mug into the dishwasher, she came to a decision. She was ready for a journey. Ascending the carpeted steps, she entered her bedroom, packed a suitcase and in a matter of minutes was downstairs ready to head out the door.

Looking at the wrinkled couch where she had napped, she set down her suitcase. Kneeling down in front of the sofa, she looked at the body that lie there. Using her polished finger-tips, she brushed her long brunette hair behind her ear. Standing, she bent over, kissed her forehead and walked out the door.

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