Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fight for Your Right: The Conclusion

Okay, so the "adventure" continues. Anybody figure out why it's titled, Fight for Your Right? Maybe I just had the Beastie Boys in my head. Who knows?

March 29 1988

He heard. He asked how. I said overdose of drugs. He said Oh! and shrugged his shoulders. He just told me he didn't care.

March 31 1988

But some how I think he did, alot!


     At the funeral as the preacher was talking, I peaked over at Simon and rememered  what he said. I saw a tear rolling down Simon's face. I knew he was thinking about what he said.

     We went to Pizza Hut to help cheer him up. It didn't seem to cheer him up. Simon said You don't have to do this I don't love my Dad. My mom said surprised "why" Simon explained "What kind of dumb question is that" "We..." my mom tried to say something but Simon interupted  her by saying "He left me, he's an alcoholic," "Or at least he was an alcoholic" Simon grouled over those words trieing not to cry.

     When we came home Simon went right up to his room. I started to go after him but my mom said "He's allright, let him go."
                                                                                                                                      Good Story.
                                                                                                                                     Thanks alot
2 months Later

Simon came roaring down for breakfast. I never seen in such a hurry.

April 7, 1988

He said that he just saw a yellow disk-shaped ship with red and purple colored lights flashing lights. I said "I suppose Superman was trying to chase them." Simon said ferously If you don't believe me come outside and he showed me. All I saw was a pile of junk. Then all of the sudden Simon yelled "RYAN, LOOK OUT" Then I felt a slimy 3 ft long creature with big teeth climbing up my back.

It should be noted that I had decided to make this part of the story. Then decided to keep it anyway. I had no recollection of this part of the story. I wrote a  note my teacher Mrs. Kurtz saying, "I don't like that section because It sounds to unreal." To which she replied, "What are you going to do about it? I'll keep it.

April 25 1988

I read over the whole story.

May 3rd 1988 (This section was crossed out too, but decided to include it here b/c my main purpose of rewriting this story - as is - is so I have a cyber-copy in case my green Modern Composition Book would ever get lost or destroyed...or stolen by a Hollywood producer b/c it's just that good.

Yuk! I said in a disgustidly tone of voice. I threw the thing of my back and I saw I tear rolling down the creature's face because I must have hurt him. Then Simon and I looked at each other quickly bewildered. I looked over at the thing and said can you talk. He said Yes, so this I knew he had feelings.

May 20, 1988

(This part was crossed out too. But it's the last part I wrote of the story so I have no idea...and sadly, you have no idea what happens with the creature.)

My mom shouted a little. "hold on Simon where are you going in such big hurry. He looked at me because I knew what he was up to. He was going to the card shop to meet a girl. I told him everything I know (not very much (Ha Ha) )

Okay, well, ummm...not much of an ending. Thank you to the one of you that read this entire thing. I was mildly amused by it all, but mostly shaking my head and hoping....really, really hoping that am a better writer now. 

Below is the note I wrote to Mrs. Kurtz as my last entry.

June 2 1988

Dear Mrs. Kurtz,

     You been one of my best teachers this year. You explain things so well, better than a lot of other teachers.

     Say Hi! to Ryan for me (she has a son Ryan) and tell him to have a great summer and you to

Thank you very much. That means a lot to me (arrow pointing to the "better than a lot of other teachers). I've enjoyed having you in class also. Have a great summer!

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