Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 11 & 12

In case you are joining the thrills of this story a little late (and I say that with a smirk on my face), Fight for Your Right was a story I had started way back in 1987. Once or twice a week, we were given time to write and I chose to continue my story each time. Following is Part 11 so I would go back to the beginning...and maybe you can figure out why I titled it the way I did. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Also, keep in mind, I chose not to edit the work of my younger self...no matter what the mistakes. Teacher comments are in blue.

January 6, 1988

...win the game. When I got to home the whole team congradulated me. The coach offered me a triple scoop of strawberry ice cream. One week later we had practice. I hurt my arm by jumping up for the ball and landing on it. At the end of practice the coach said were playing Intercourse (I'm going to interject here. Intercourse is the name of a town I grew up near. Yes, it's the actual name.) next Monday night. When Monday night came my arm hurt worse than before. A lot of kids were sick so I had to play or we could automatically lose. By the the 5th inning we were a head 6-2. I struck out all the time I was up except twice I walked. Did you win? No not this time.

Jan 19, 1987 (it was really 1988)

We lost that game because everybody was tired. But the coach understood. When I got home I looked through my baseball cards. I was looking on the back of them also. I found a card of Don Mattingly. I looked on the back and said "Boy won't it be something to be like him. That night I dreamed i was in the Majors. I went 4-5 in the game. When I woke up it was time to get ready for school. That afternoon we had practice. My arm was healed so I could take batting practice. The coach was surprised how far I hit the ball. Believe it or not I was to. Great! Thanks

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