Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 12, 13 & 14

January 29 1988

It must of been my dream. I know some of my dreams came true but they were nothing but this was a big deal to me anyway because I always wanted to be a Major baseball player. That coming game I was the star of the game. I went 3-3 with 1 homerun and 2 base hits. That night after supper Simon said something I didn't quite understand.

     That next morning I found Simon missing. In the afternoon I walked to the store for my mom and found Simon digging in the trash can. What for?

Jan ?, 1988

I said to him why are you doing this he didn't answer I walked closer to him and slammed the trash can lid down and said "why are you doing this. He said why can't I be good. I said what do you mean? You know what I mean your so good, and then he said no I'm not. Your not bad I said. I am so Simon said. I looked Simon in the eyes and said "Your gonna be bad if you say your going to be bad." Simon just started digging through the trash can again. I said "Fine don't be good I don't (want) a stupid brother who quits and crys and never practices so he can get pitied." I walked away and Simon said "Well what are you waiting for let's go practice." How was practice?

Feb 16, 1988

I said "alright let's go."

     We arrived at the park and started practicing. I pitched some and he didn't hit any. Then I hit some to him and he missed everyone but one or two. I pitched 20 balls and he hit 2 of them. Then a little later I said "let's go to the batting cage at the Highschool" Simon said great."

     We arrived at the cage and I put some quarters in for 25 pitches. Simon hit 2 of them. Then we tried again for 50 pitches he hit 5 of them. Then Simon go the hang of it he was hitting every ball. After a while I tried for 75 pitches at the medium speed instead of low speed I hit everyone except for about 10.

     Next practice the coach said we're going to just get hitting practice. Simon was first he missed the first one. I said hit like last night. The pitch was thrown Simon swung and he hit the ball like he had the biggest muscles in the world.

     At the next game we finally won again. I went 3 for 3 Simon went 3-4 with a walk a double a stolen base and 2 singles. Ozzie Smith went 2-5 J. Clark didn't play and everybody else went 2 for 3 or 4.

(5 Weeks later)

     Baseball season was over know and summer started. We won 15 games and lost 4. Good writing.

February 24, 1988

It was now 2 weeks from Simon's birthday and it seemed he wanted everything in the world. I went to my room and started thinking about me and Simon both in the majors. Then I said I get some good wood and make a bat for him.

(2 weeks later)

     Now it was Simon's party and my turn to give him my present. He opened it and didn't now what to say. I said Thanks would just be enough.

    That night the doorbell rang at 9:45. Simon opened the door and two mysterous people said Happy Birthday. Simon looked puzzled for a minute. Then he said "MooooM and Daad? in a sort of wishful way if he was right. "You got it" they said. Can we come in? Sure Simon said. Can we talk to your parents? Ya hold on. my Mom Dad came down and said what is it Simon. These are my real parents.
How did Simon feel about that?

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