Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 15 & 16

March 3, 1988

     Simon's real real Dad said "Mr. Mrs. Graybill can I talk to you privately." I said to Simon "let's go to my room while they talk." Simon's Dad said right away that they want Simon back and we'll give you $2000.00 for him. My mom said "after what I heard from him that he'll never want to live with you again". Simon's Dad said "what did he say that I did" and he said those words like he was going to hit Simon. I knew Simons Dad had some kind of problem. My Dad said "you hit him" I would never do such a thing to a kid said Simons Dad. Then there was a big argument going on that took 15 to 20 min long. My Dad said then in a loud voice "QUIET" then he said to Simon's real parents How did you know that Simon lived here. He said that he asked the judge. Well you know that Simon doesn't want to live with you anymore. So goodbye and never come to this house again.  Did they leave? Yes.

March 11 1988

     Simon's parents left very fast. My Dad said that he's glad they're gone. Simon & I came down and said "are they gone." My dad said they're gone. After he said that he said under his breath "and if they come here again I'll blow their heads off" I knew he didn't mean it.

     That coming Fri night my mom heard that Simon's dad died of an overdose of drugs. She told me and dad but she couldn't say it to Simon. I volunteered to tell him. My mom said ok but tell slow.

     I walked up to my room and told Simon. I started out saying "Simon everybody has to die. Even if it someone you love deep in  your heart." Simon said are you dieing? I said no but your Dad did. I said that rumbling over the words hoping he wouldn't hear me. Did he hear? Yes.

Tune in next time when the family take Simon to Pizza Hut to cheer him. Will it work? The story concludes very shortly. I know you're just dying to know what will happen next. I am too. I haven't read the rest myself.

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