Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fight for Your Right: Part 9 & 10

From my 6th grade writing journal:
Dec 2, 1987

     Ryan Graybill 2B
     Jack Clark       1B
     Ozzie Smith    SS
     Lance Parrish    C
     Simon Graybill 3B
     Dwight Gooden  P

     Then the big game began. We took the field first so its are advantage of winning. Willow Street had scored 7 in first and then they took the field. John Hempfield struck out for the first out. Jack doubled to right. Eric Davis hit a homer and I hit a homer and so did Jack C, Ozzie and Lance so we had back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs. The score was 7-6 Willow Street still had the lead, but are coach was surprised. Simon struck out and Gooden hit the ball into the air which happen to be caught by the Nixons son who wanted to be on W.S. instead of Paradise because he...

Good Story

Dec 18 1987

... thought that we were the worst team also that he has to be on the best team. Well at the last inning the kids got excited. It 10-6 in favor of them. We were up. Simon was on second with a walk and a stolen base. He was a fast runner because I always took him to the P.V High School's track to run. Then Darryl Strawberry a pinch hitter for the pitcher Dwight Gooden slammed the ball between shortstop and second base. He got to second on an overthrow by the centerfielder. Simon couldn't score because he tripped on his way to third. Johny flew out and Jack slammed a triple to make the score 10-8. Jack loved to take leads. The pitcher thought he was so hot he burned the ball to 3rd and over threw it so he scored to make it 10-9. Eric Davis struck out on a bad call from the ump. Everybody could tell that he was for the other team. Then I stepped up to the plate. I was 3-4 for the day. The count was full I get so nervous in those situations. The pitch came. Slam I hit it over the centerfielders head and got a homerun to... Congratulations! THANKS!

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