Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Letters to Janice: August 12, 1945

During and after the second World War, my grandparents wrote many letters back and forth to each other. She kept every one he had ever written. A couple of years ago, soon after her passing - and after a long search - my grandpa found the letters and shared them with me. And now with his permission I'm sharing them with you. I'm fascinated by this time period and am excited to have this part of their history written down and preserved forever.

Ralph Homsher

U.S.N. Receiving Station
Navy 128
90 F.P.O. San Francisco, California

Dear Janice,

     It's been a long time since I've written to you but it hasn't been my fault. We could write but we couldn't mail them. By the way I haven't received any mail from you for four weeks. I don't whether its following me around or not but if it is I hope it soon catches me. 

     The trip over was pretty nice, but I'd much rather be sailing on the Pequea. One day it got a little rough and the and the ????? were breaking ????? the side but outside of that it was pretty good. We had to work a little, if they caught you. But I did pretty good at dodging work. It wasn't our permanent ship, we were only troops.

     If you go something through the mail and couldn't tell what it was, It was me, from Panama. There really wasn't much to pick from and I only had 2 hrs. so that's what the clerk suggested so that's what I go. What it is I don't know. If you find out tell me what it is.

    After we left Jackson Bks. La. we went to Porte Rica (San Juan) then to Panama and on across here. Going through Panama Canal was pretty interesting. (If any one thinks Nancy is dense they should see these jungles ( I know Nancy won't mind me using her as an example). The jungles are every bit as dense as I had thought. I also got to see palm trees, a whale, sharks, albatross' and a bunch of other things.  I guess I sound silly telling you about those but I thought they were rather interesting. There are some things which one sees once in a lifetime.

     We're not at Pearl Harbor but mighty close. We are at ????? Receiving base. I don't think we'll be here very long.

      I'm really anxious to hear from home, to see how Andy, Barney, Hersh are making out. Tell Hersh I have something to tell him about "the poor poor pussy tat (cat)." Is Doris making anytime with Bracky. I know she would if she ever had him under these southern moons.

 Write soon,
With Lots of Love

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