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Letters to Janice: August 13, 1945

                                           Aug 13, 1945
                                              Area T.H.

Dear Jan,

   To-day was sure a swell day for me. I received that mail that was chasing me. I received only four letters from you and the rest from my parents. I wish some of the boys (Hersh & Barney only) would write too.

    I bet Jake was really surprised and happy to see Harold. I know I would if I saw anybody I knew. I've never seen anybody from home that I know but I can imagine how it is. I know about the chow on the troopships and its every bit as bad as Harold said. The smell of the food is enough but to think one has to eat it, well that's indescribable. the food here is really good. Its the best I've had since I've been in the Navy. Today we had steak that was really good, with thick chocolate cake. I guess that's why I like it here. I liked it in La. Base too but I didn't stay there very long. I guess that will be the same way here.

  You said that you got new glasses and that they were shaped like Nancy's. What kind of glasses are they? Somebody told me that when you write to your "one and only" that one should use ink. Well, I'm sorry that I don't write in ink. We have to live out of our seabags and there is no place to keep ink that would be safe from spilling or breaking. So please forgive me.

  I'll give you a few suggestions of the games I would like to play if  I were home at the social. First we would play wink, then post office, then wink, and then finish up by playing some kissing games. Ask Barney I'm sure he's agree too. You asked for some games and I told you. Probably by the time this letter reaches you the social will be over, but there are future socials.

  Last night I went to the movies and saw "The Mad Ghoul", some ghost movie. To-night is "Black Magic," 

   Honolulu is a pretty big city from what I saw of it. We climbed to the top part of our ship to get a better look at it. that was before we disembarked from it.

   My friend just went out to see what the name of the street is that we are on, it is the corner of Coslidge, Chicago. To-day I received the messenger for May. It told all about commencement and told about me going to the Navy. Janny I'll be thinking of you always. I don't want to get mushy so I better quit.
                                                                                                      Lots of Love

  Here's one of the movies that was referenced:

Synopsis: A university chemistry professor experiments with an ancient Mayan gas on a medical student, turning the would-be surgeon into a murdering ghoul. (From

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