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Letters to Janice: March 25

From her brother Jake...

Dutch New Guinea
 March 25 (Late 1940s)     

It's about time i was writing to you again isn't it? I got your letter of March 12th yesterday and was sure glad to hear from you again. ???? you & Dot spent a lot of money on clothes again. I bet that raised quite a rumpus around home.

     I'm glad to learn you got your hats but if it took that long when will you ever get your parents? The next big thing at school is the operetta I presume. I think you'll get interested in it after bit, once your learn to know it and start putting it together. You are sure going to (be) busy with all those book reports and things.

     I don't know if I mentioned it before or not but I saw "When Our Hearts Were Young & Gay" too several weeks ago. I guess too Mother enjoyed it very much. Did you get to see "National Velvet"? It sure must have been a good picture, Joyce wrote about the long line that was waiting too. The Special Service has been having all kinds of trouble lately in showing movies. Tues. nite was O,K., they showed "Lost Angel" but Wednesday nite the electric power plant broke down and they wouldn't show "To Have & Have Not." Thurs. nite the power plant still wasn't fixed but they ran another line to the projector and showed a combat film for our regular orientation picture. We couldn't have choir practice afterwards as there were no lights in the chapel. Friday nite was a USO show called "Mexican Hayride". It wasn't much to brag about as David (?) says. And last nite we saw the first reel of "Miracle of Morgan's Creek" and the amplifier tube burnt out and there wasn't any sound so I guess we never will see the other  reels of that picture. (Unclear writing)....goes the sounds of the island and can't be kept over. I don't know if they got a new tube for the projector yet or not.

     There's to be a concert of classical music in the theater this afternoon (records of course) but I'm so for on behind with my letter writing I don't know if I'll go or not. I can almost hear it up here. Maybe I could do my writing down there. Speaking of writing, I wrote two letters for the paratrooper in our tent as he has a fractured finger on his right hand and the splint prevents him from writing.

     It hasn't rained as much the last few days and was hot and sultry all day yesterday. It has been sprinkling off and on this morning though and is nice & cool. Since it has been raining so much we've been having plenty of water again, but I imagine it would be low again if it were to get to be a dry spell.

     We had a very nice Palm Sunday Service this morning. I went to the Catholic service too at 7:30 just to see what it was like. They had a house-full and so did our service. Our choir sang "Ride On In Majesty" and it went pretty good. I switched to bass the last practice as there were 7 tenors and only 2 basses, just the opposite from the choir there at home. I didn't know the bass quite as well (unclear writing) it wasn't so hard. A Red Cross girl sang a solo too.

     I had Friday afternoon off as we had choir practice from 2:30 to 3:30. I spent from 12 to 2 o'clock answering letters Reba's 6th grade wrote me as an English lesson. She mailed them all in one envelope and I sure wondered what was coming off when I got it. They all wrote good & interesting letters. I answered each one with a V-mail letter even if I didn't know several of them. I guess they'll get them as I didn't know the Gehman twin's father's name there were about 7 of them I think.

     I worked pretty hard once again yesterday as my helper had the whole day off to even us up. He had to work this morning.

     Thanks for writing, Jan, and write again when you find time. I know you're plenty busy. Keep well & have fun.

Your brother,        

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