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Letters to Janice: October 24, 1945

24 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078
San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Janice,

     I received your letter written on the nineteenth. It didn't take it as long as it does most of your mail to get here.

     It is about that Mr. Harnish got back to Paradise. That school needs him around there. It was really going to the dogs fast.

     I've only received one letter from Andy since he went onto the service. I don't know why he doesn't write to me.

    Our little do fell overboard today. Somebody on another ship saw her and told us. There she was floating around on a log in the harbor. It was funny but the little thing was scared. Some fellow had to swim out and get her.

     I took my test the other day. I don't know whether I passes it or not.

     You said that  ????? writes to hood. I wonder why she does?

    Did you say that you have learned to dance? Maybe we can go dancing if I ever get home?

     Our refrigerator is broke, so we have to eat on the base. The food isn't so good there.

     It was so moonlight here last night that it was almost like daylight. These Hawaiian moons are really pretty.

    We just got a couple of new guys on board today. By the way things look every body will be out of the Navy by next year this time. I hope so anyway. I really can't see why they can not get rid of more guys now. There are so many just sitting around here doing nothing. There are a lot of ships just like us out here just doing nothing. There I go again telling you about my troubles. I wish that I could quit that. But there isn't really anything else to talk about. 

     I think that I had better quit now.

                               WITH LOVE

P.S. I just found out that I passed the test.

Referenced in letter: It's a more modern picture and is no longer a school. If I'm not mistaken it was the high school at the time this letter was written. *I attended 4th and 5th grade there from 1985-1987.

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