Friday, October 31, 2014

Letters to Janice: October 26 1945

26 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078
San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Janice,
     I'm really stuck on what is the proper way to start a letter. I start one way then I think that that sounds dumb then I start another way and that sounds dumb, so any way I start a letter it sounds dumb so there I am again right back where I started from.

    Yesterday I received a letter from Jane dated the third of September, boy this mail surely travels fast. Dad sent me a picture over six weeks ago and I still haven't gotten that so I think that there is still some mail someplace.

     I've only gotten one letter from you in the past week.

     I wrote Jake tonight too.

    Tomorrow is Admiral Nimitz day in Hawaii and every thing is decorated up for the occasion. I suppose that we will be in whites tomorrow. How I hate these celebrations.

     I saw a good movie today "Incinderary Blonde" Today was the first time that I was in town in over a month. I detest putting (on) my whites so much that I don't know what to do.

     We had a couple of good movies on board the other night "Wonder man""Diamond Horseshoe" both in technicolor.

     Does Andy write much he has only written to me once so far.

     Is Mr. Blevins teaching back at Paradise this year?

     How was the Halloween party tonight?
        (written the 26)

     I had better quit for now as it is time for me to go bed.

                                     WITH LOTS OF LOVE


-Admiral Nimitz Day (


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