Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Season Resolution

For some reason I was thinking yesterday about resolutions. I do try my darnedest to be an all-around better person. Sometimes the strive is a struggle - eh, whom am I kidding? It most often is. In a song from their last album, Bono, the transcendent singer of U2, wrote "a change of heart comes slow." Can't really argue with that. Sometimes the most obvious things aren't so obvious because we get caught up in ourselves. Our needs. Our wishes. But yet there's change all around us. It's a reminder, but sometimes when writing ourselves a notes on a Post-it about something important, it gets lost beneath old mail, kids' school papers and in my case, an infestation of ants.

But outside the window is a time of change. I love autumn. And of course since it's my favorite time of year it seems to go by more quickly than the rest. We're a month into it and I'm still marveling at the majestic beauty of the plethora of colors. It's God's season. Run by His watch. It's not about fast or slow. Changes within ourselves we tend to run by our own watches, forgetting who not only designed those watches, but built and pieced together every tiny, little gear. We submit to our own agendas rather than surrendering to His. This is why change can be slow. Sure, the changes that we must go through in order to be the person we're meant to be takes trials and tribulations, doubt and fear and a whole host of assorted emotions. And that may take years. But what's a year on God's watch. Nothing. He sees us as perfect. He sees us as what we so desperately are trying to become.

Bono wrote in one of his latest songs, Song for Someone, "I'm a long way from your Hill of Calvary." Meaning, I or he...or we...still have a long way to go to reach that ultimate milestone of being who we were born to be. Sometimes we pitch a tent on that hill and camp out. This is normal. But when we rest or weariness our true selves, the one that's more Christ-like than any other version of ourselves - gets further and further away.

I'm not about to campaign for a change in our resolutions we make each year come December 31st. It's important to set goals - and even more important to make a list of how those goals will be met. Somewhere along the way (153 BC to be more exact) someone thought it was a good idea to state an end to a bad habit and the start of a better one at the turn of the new year. This is all fine and dandy, but those new years that we celebrate so much are run by our own watches.

Look outside. It's not a new year, but it's a new season and it's run by God's watch (I wonder if has the new iWatch yet?). The cool, crisp air fill our lungs. The colors of change display their beauty as the falling leaves use our yards as their own canvas painting us a new and different picture every time we look outside. It's a season of change, but it's just as necessary to realize it's a new season. "The past," Bono writes in his song Volcano, "is all gone." Whatever happened in the previous season of summer or the previous season of your life, is gone. Yes, we reflect upon it, but we can't go back. It's important for our self-growth...and for our trust in God, that we realize something about this new season of our lives. We know green leaves turn colors before falling. From there they are blown by the breeze before browning while winter revs up. But realize this: Leaves don't fall when they turn brown. They fall while still colorful. They color our vision when we look towards the heavens and they color our steps towards the oncoming season of life. We're colorful in His eyes no matter if we are holding onto the branches, tumbling towards the earth or being whisked away by the winds.

No matter what season we are in and no matter what stage of that season we are in, we are beautiful. We are built with the hands of grace. We were built for a reason. 

In this new season, I challenge you to make a new season resolution and I invite you to share with me and the others that, I pray, come along and read this. We are a community after all and a community needs to not only join hands, but join dreams linked by the Lord.

Dream Out Loud,

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