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Tongue/Heart Connection

com - plain verb

Synonymsprotest; grumble; whine; bleat; carp; cavil; grouse; make a fuss; object; speak out; criticize; find fault; raise a stink; bellyache; moan; snivel; gripe; have a spell

If you would have asked me when I was child whether or not my mom coined the phrase, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." (I just heard the chorus of my two readers saying that along with me.) I would have said she did. We say the same thing to our children for one simple reason. It's one of the best, if not the best, rule...yes, I'm going to say the world! Okay, the Golden Rule is probably the best, but it's still pretty far up there.

Think about it. What's another great quote about speaking? "The tongue is mightier than the sword."
How true is that? You die by the sword you're more pain and anguish. You just kicked the bucket down on the farm you just bought. But to be pierced by words can leave a mark. I'm sure if we thought hard and long enough we could muster up an old memory of some words of hate aimed our way. Words that trickled through our torso and jabbed us in the heart. My memories are probably more of the "foot-in-mouth" variety, but still, doesn't matter from whom the words exit, it still leaves a scar of pain or embarrassment.

There are people that wear their heart on their sleeve. Some may say it's a personality trait. Others may say it's a bad habit - like complaining! There are several commonalities that the human race share and one of those is that our tongues are connected to our hearts. The former is ruled by the latter. Have you ever heard of this quote:" Your tongue speaks what the heart is full of." I believe it's biblical or at least derived and altered from a verse, but I'm not entirely certain. I am certain though that Jesus agrees with that statement. We do in fact, all of us, carry our hearts on our tongues.

So, what's in your heart?

I bet I can quickly find out...that is if I didn't block you from Facebook. Some day I'll be in the position where I will need to hire someone whether a personal assistant or a permanent chef and maid (I know my wife would like that!). When that time comes I will not ask for a resume or for references. The only thing I will ask for is a print-out of every single Facebook status they have ever written. Because thanks to Facebook and other social media (Hey, I'm not complaining...I think I gained a third reader thanks to social media), we know so much, too much sometimes, about people - especially how much they like to complain.

We work with them and we actually join in on their complaints if we're being completely honest with ourselves. I don't consider myself a complainer because I truly can't stand people that do and I abhor the act of complaining. It's not classy and it disrespects the cloak of grace that was given to us. I don't want to wrap myself up in someone else's negativity. I always look for the positive. Here's proof...when my dad died, it sucked - big time! My first thought? He's in heaven. No more pain. It's what gets you through. Don't try to drain my battery with your incessant jabbering of complaints. It's easy to do though, but the fact that it's so easy should tell us that it's wrong to do. I have two philosophies in life...that I'm going to share. I have more, but won't bore you. One, if the medicine hurts, then it's doing something good. Medicine could be metaphorical or not. Second, if it's difficult to achieve - meaning it takes effort, discipline, a good attitude and strong character, then it's worth doing and probably part of the Big Guy's will.

If you're going to complain  then propel it with a purpose. To me that's not complaining, it's fighting for principles. Sure, I grumble (my wife will attest to that), but I feel I "complain" about things that, to me, just shouldn't be. For example, why produce and then sell an inferior product? I know, I know. Money. For me, the job I want most is the job where people bring what they think is the finished product (albeit a vacuum or a computer) and I throw it against the wall saying, "It's not good enough!"

Here's my challenge and I'm not sure if this will step on some toes or not, but start to reflect upon what your Facebook statuses are (and by Facebook I mean social media updates of all variety, conversations on the phone, a text or even an icebreaker when meeting a friend for coffee). If you pass that test then reflect upon what "statuses" you are paying attention to. I have blocked people on Facebook because the amount of energy they put into complaining about every little thing was astounding to me. What a waste of energy! I'm not sure which is worse, the fact they think that people actually care what they have to say or that people actually "like" their status.

Without a true purpose, complaining serves no higher purpose. It's destructive and annoying. Block them! Block them all! That's what I say. It may give them a wake-up call.

Give praise, give thanks and appreciate the grace and blessings bestowed upon you.

Check out this website I just came across:

It's a pretty cool idea for those of us, including me, that are striving to be less perfectly imperfect.

Thanks for reading!
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