Sunday, November 16, 2014

39 Clues (For a Better Life): 11-15

In no way do I consider myself a life coach. However, in light of turning 39 this past week (and of course my wife had to remind that  I am in my 40th year) I have created a list of what I think are wise decisions we can implement in our lives - all for the sake of ongoing improvement and a sustained quality of happiness and joy.These are in no particular order.

11. Forgive. Always forgive. It's not about the other person...NEVER about the other person. Forgiveness is about Y.O.U.! Forgive does not mean you will automatically forget. That part will take time, but it's not as important as forgiving. Click on this link (or copy and paste it):

This will blow you away. There's only one word to describe it: POWERFUL.

12. Write your life story. Begin a blog, a journal, a diary...something. Get you experiences, thoughts and ideas down on paper. You're life story may seem boring, but it could still make a difference in someone else's life. Besides, if you think you're life story is something about it!

13."Dream the life, Live the Dream." This is my own personal quote. Notice it it doesn't stop at the dreaming part. There's a "doing" involved. I live near 95. A lot of people sit in traffic for a long time day in and day out. I wonder how they spend their time while sitting in the car. I have to believe it wears a person down after awhile. I must say that I have never taken a grand leap of faith so like most of the "clues" I have written so far, I am writing them for myself as well. If your dream or your passion is not being achieved, then consider for a moment (or for awhile) why that is. Is it your work? Lack of trust? God has great plans for us. I don't think that involves missing out on opportunities that will help us reach our goals. Sure they are sacrifices we have to make, but are you willing to sacrifice a forty-year career to miss out on what you were truly created for? You must like your co-workers, or that long commute. Share your dream with me and you can be certain I will pray for you.

14. Confront yourself. Go to the mirror and stare at yourself. Not for reasons of vanity. I actually suggest you stand in front of yourself looking "your worse." Let the muffin-top show. Free your fungus-filled feet from their socks. Turn the lights on so you can see the back hair, chin hair ear hair...everywhere where you shouldn't have hair. Look yourself in the eye and say, "I'm beautiful. God created me for a reason. There is a purpose for my existence. I'm extraordinary. I am important."

15. Be part of church. Embrace the power of community. Don't just be a Sunday worshipper. Don't become a member and then do nothing about it. Don't leave because you "disagree" with something. Make sure what you "disagree" with isn't just a challenge. Find a church that preaches grace not law. If you are a regular attendee, but don't leave the service feeling inspired (trust me, you'll know), leave the church. Find another one. Or at least ask yourself whether or not you come into service with a wide-open mind and heart.

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