Tuesday, November 25, 2014

39 Clues (For a Better Life): 26-30

In no way do I consider myself a life coach. However, in light of turning 39 this past week (and of course my wife had to remind that  I am in my 40th year) I have created a list of what I think are wise decisions we can implement in our lives - all for the sake of ongoing improvement and a sustained quality of happiness and joy.These are in no particular order. 

26. Don't ever say the following:

  • "I can't." One of the best things my dad ever taught me.
  • "I give up." There's victory in losing, but not in quitting.
  • "Life isn't fair." Well, duh! Deal with it. Nobody, including Jesus himself, said life was fair. 
  • "I hate..." Even if you strongly dislike something, avoid this word.

27. Finish what you start. This is one of the most important things my mom taught me...and she probably doesn't even realize it. Goes to show how important it is to model good choices to our kids. Impressionable only begins to describe it. Although this does backfire on occasion when I read a poorly written book. As much as I want to put it down...I...just...have...to...finish...what...I...started! Grr! On another note...how's that dream of yours coming along? Still dreaming out loud? Finish what you started :)

28. Don't envy. By being envious of what others have leads to bitterness...and the ripple effect only begins there. If someone has something "better" than you, rejoice! Be happy that they have some extra cash to buy a larger TV or whatever it is that has you salivating. If you want more, get on your knees and ask for opportunities to bless others. Give your time and money and you will be blessed...if it's from your heart. Above all, be thankful for what you have. If you have the option to choose what you have to eat, then you are rich have more than most.

29. I saw this on someone else's post and it reminded me of one of the best movie quotes of all time. "Get busy living or get busy dying." That just about says it all. Darn! That could have been a good #39!

30. Do something everyday that will get you closer to your dream. I call myself a writer that means I need to live up to that. This means I need to write everyday. Whether it's junk or first book you see when you walk into Barnes & Nobles that's sitting right there on table worthy...it's still gets you closer. And accept - that whatever it is you do - you won't please everybody.

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