Wednesday, November 26, 2014

39 Clues (For a Better Life): 31-35

In no way do I consider myself a life coach. However, in light of turning 39 this past week (and of course my wife had to remind that  I am in my 40th year) I have created a list of what I think are wise decisions we can implement in our lives - all for the sake of ongoing improvement and a sustained quality of happiness and joy.These are in no particular order. 

31. There's nothing wrong with material things...UNLESS you place more importance on them than God and family. Yes, things are things. But we were meant to enjoy life. There's nothing wrong with splurging a little here and little there. Just keep your heart in the right place.

32. Look for the good in everything. Why? Because there is good in everything. This doesn't mean everything that happens is good, it just means there's something good that can be extracted from the situation. A lot time this is beyond our human comprehension.Trust and have faith that the good is there. We are never abandoned. Never deserted. God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

33. Let rejection inspire you! Yes, I wrote that correctly. As a writer, I open myself up to a whole bunch of rejection - mainly publishers. This hasn't happened yet because I haven't officially sent anything off to a publisher yet. I know it will happen. I know I'll hear that word...that two-letter word, that takes our soaring confidence and reduces it to an innocent bystander being enveloped by a wall of water from a passing car. No just means we are that much closer to a YES.

Side Note:

Walt Disney was fired for lacking imagination.
Elvis was told he was better off driving trucks.
Thomas Edison had 10,000 failed attempts at making a light bulb. Where we would be if he gave up?

34. Laugh! Here are some of the benefits of the best medicine:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces Stress
  • Eases chronic pain
  • Pretty good ab-workout
  • Burns calories
  • Stimulates heart and lungs
  • boosts your immune system
  • and last, but not makes you feel GOOD!
35. Unfriend. This may sound like it goes against everything else I've written, but this is important. Detach yourself from the poisonous vines in your life. I had a friend recently share a story with me about someone that smoked a lot of pot. The fact that she was roommates with pot-smokers didn't help her. Nor did it do anything to inspire her to change...but she did!. Short story shorter...she accepted Christ, moved out and hasn't smoked pot since. She detached herself from what was destroying her life. On a smaller scale, we need to unfriend those Facebook friends that constantly post negative garbage. Why on earth would you want to even read that?! Surround yourself with positive thinkers and dreamers that eat perseverance for breakfast. 

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Debbie and Tim said...

I really like what you write! Thank you!