Saturday, November 15, 2014

39 Clues (For a Better Life): 1-10

In no way do I consider myself a life coach. However, in light of turning 39 this past week (and of course my wife had to remind that  I am in my 40th year) I have created a list of what I think are wise decisions we can implement in our lives - all for the sake of ongoing improvement and a sustained quality of happiness and joy.These are in no particular order.

1. When you have a random thought about someone, perhaps an old friend that you haven't spoken to or seen in awhile, it may be a spiritual tug. Don't ignore it. Give them a call. Not a text or an email (unless you honestly don't have their number). There may be a reason for the random thought and it just may be what the other person needs. It may even be what you need.

2. Hang out with people older than yourself. It makes you feel young. Hang out with people younger than yourself. It makes you feel wise and experienced. With experience comes knowledge. Younger people need someone accountable and reliable. Whether it's a young couple that need advice or teenagers that need a positive role model, it doesn't matter. Make good choices. Help others make good choices. Simple.

3. Tell your kids you love them every day. Kiss them good night before they go to sleep and kiss them again before you go to sleep.

4. When you mess up in front of your kids - whether it's an error in judgement directly or indirectly involving them, admit it. Model how perfectly imperfect you are.

5. Count your blessings! Chances are you have more than most. Count them and be thankful. Do this everyday. Be thankful for the things that haven't even happened yet. If you're going through a storm in your life, give praise and thank God for the day you're no longer in it.

6. Write a letter. In it, mention how there's something positive and good in every situation. Seal it in a bottle. Toss it out to sea. All of this can be metaphorical other than the letter.

7. Give. Be generous. Make sure it's from the heart. Tithing is important, but so is giving to the homeless person on the corner. It has nothing to with how they will spend it, but rather with the attitude in which you give.

8. Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. Nothing says that automatically makes life easy. Quite the contrary, but it's better than living a facade where you think "your" life actually has true meaning. Life is better with Christ. If you're hung up on past transgressions, get over it! You're loved. You're forgiven through the power of grace. His grace.

9. Visit a retirement home. Visit often. If you have kids, take them along. I was fortunate to have done this myself recently with my family through a church outing. If you don't come out of there a different person in some shape or form there's something wrong with you.

10. Read Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe or another classic that you read when you were younger and allow yourself to be whisked away into your childhood's imagination. Having a bowl of popcorn beside will only add to the experience. Popcorn makes everything better. Well, almost.
To Be Continued...

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