Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Breaking Down Every Breaking Wave: Stanza 2

The next stanza in U2s Every Breaking Wave is definitely a conversation between two lovers at a important crossroad in their relationship. Let me clarify or amend what I said in my deconstruction of the first stanza. Yes, I believe in those waves the enemy is waiting. After all, the sea, as mentioned before, in this song is in fact the enemy. The waves are also opportunities and here we have two people in what they believed to be an unbreakable bond realizing that they are one step - or one wave - away from being swept away from each other and perhaps all they hold dear. Their faith in God, faith in each other...faith in anything. It goes to show just how powerful Satan can be and just how easily we can succumb to his evil.

                  If you go?
If you go your way and I go mine

These lines are the heart of the conversation. The couple is faced with a dilemma, perhaps one that hasn't been communicated very well up to this point which is why the end result could be devastating - leaving the two lovers walking down separate paths in separate directions. The crashing of the relentless waves their only soundtrack to mark where they've been and where they're going. The choice could be a career opportunity or could be an addiction. No matter what, the enemy is ready to crash another wave.
                                                     Are we so?
Are we so helpless against the tide?

Helpless is the key word here because they know what's at stake and they don't feel equipped to handle the potential outcome. So many times I hear of people divorcing or separating over trivial things. In my opinion it's because the relationship was based on too much of the wrong emotion or something that gave the illusion of a real emotion. Once tested, they falter because there is no substance to what they have - or thought they had. 

The tide here is the enemy rising and taking over the hearts and minds of his victims. Once in the tide it may feel like we're helpless and that there is no escape. Those with faith know better. We've all had to dry ourselves off and catch our breath from being caught up in the wrong situation or in a collection of debilitating thoughts. We have the scars to prove it. Question is, are you using those scars for a reminder of our sins or are we using it as a reminder that the One we believe carries a clean slate in his pocket?

                                                     Baby every dog on the street
Knows that we're in love with defeat

When Satan "left" heaven he took about a third of the angels with him. They became demons. And as horror-movie as it sounds, demons, just like angels, exist. Good thing is the angels outnumber the demons. The bad news is that Satan and his posse (the dogs on the street) know our weaknesses. They know we struggle with self-confidence and we hit rock bottom our attitude becomes blurred. We're bombarded with doubt and fear and we want nothing more than to lose. The enemy puts the idea in our heads and hearts that we're worthless and this will be the best we'll ever be. There's no way up.

But there is.

         Are we ready to be swept off our feet
                                                        And stop chasing
                                                        Every breaking wave

I picture this couple only moments away from ending their relationship until the final seconds when both of them realize at that same time there's one thing that they have forgotten. Maybe they have forgotten it during this conversation or perhaps it's something they have never fully committed to. I picture one of them kneeling down and (I actually like the idea of the girl praying b/c I picture the man being torn between choices) pulling the other down on their knees, looking out over the crashing waves and praying, "Dear Heavenly Father, help us now with this decision in our lives. Help us Lord to determine which wave, which opportunity has your blessing and will be the right choice, the right wave for us. Lord, we ask now for strength against the enemy. Strength against his tide. Help us to praise you Lord no matter what circumstances we're in. We thank you Lord for standing on the shore always watching, always there and never leaving, never straying, never short-changing your mercy, grace and love."

Yes, the crashing waves of Satan can sweep us off our feet, but so can the Holy hands of God. Through His love letter to us, we can learn which are the right decisions to make. With our strength fueled by our faith we realize every breaking wave isn't constructive to our lives. Through daily prayer and fellowship with other believers we learn to recognize the right wave to take.

Our choices today effect whether or not we get to choose tomorrow.

Closing thought: My pastor said this past week that we are free to choose in all we do. But we can't choose the consequences.

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