Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Letters to Janice: October 22, 1945

22 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078

Dear Janice,

     I was just messing around so I thought that I would write you a letter. I really haven't anything to say but I'll write anyhow.

     We were out in the harbor yesterday. It was terribly rough and I almost got sick. I guess that I can't take it.

     This maybe a little (off) the record, but I want to know. Are the things still so hard to get back in the states, like meat and things.

For Sunday dinner we had turkey with all the trimmings, it tasted pretty good too.

I saw my first helicopter to-day. Boy did it ever have an odd shape. It looked like a ball. It didn't have any wings. It had two propellers one in the rear and one on top. Boy what an odd shape.

    I was going to take my test to day but the officer wasn't aboard, so I'm going to take it tomorrow.

     They are going to change our orders. In stead of going out two and staying in five, we are going to stay out six and stay in three.

     We just got two new officers aboard last night. They are just out (of) boot camp so they don't know much about ship life. They seem like pretty nice officers though.

     I got to cut this letter short now.

              WRITE SOON
             WITH LOVE AND STUFF

                 RALPH (HUMP) HOMSHER

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