Sunday, November 30, 2014

Passages (An Adventure Novel): Chapter 18


   If it weren’t for the adrenaline rushing through his body, fueled by what he had just witnessed, Rolen would have fallen asleep right there in the open field. The amount of emotions was exacerbating. It wouldn’t have been the first time he would have used the earth for his bed. He and his father had gone out camping - some father-son bonding time - and having arrived at their destination well-passed dinner and with darkness pulling the blanket over the eyes of daylight, they decided to get a fire going before anything else. After their coffee-can casserole and his dad sharing more stories growing up in the mid-west, they realized no tent and no sleeping bags were packed. Too tired to drive home, the dirt served as their mattress and any leaves that had fallen from the trees above their snoring heads during the night was their comforter.


          Rolen picked himself up off the ground, brushed off his shirt and pants and started his walk home when he found a shovel left behind. Thinking that the boss wasn’t going to be pleased with that discovery, Rolen picked it up and hurried home. The adrenaline wasn’t going to last for long. He knew he’d sleep where he’d fall.

          Reaching his driveway he could feel the overwhelming tiredness creeping in. The events of the last hour were becoming blurred and dream-like. Rolen still decided to head into the shop rather than the house because for whatever reason he wanted to give the answering machine one more try.

          It was the memories of the night that propelled him to continue moving rather than crash. Among the plethora of items in his dad’s shop was a shabby and grungy recliner – that Rolen was positive if he or his dad wasn’t sitting or sleeping on it, some nightly creature was.

          Avoiding the temptation of more much needed rest, because it was the world’s most comfortable chair, Rolen’s last remaining amount of adrenaline had him standing in front of the workbench once again. Looking down on the old Panasonic KX-T1520, Rolen smiled at how much technology had changed and wondered how on earth people even survived without cell phones. But that was one of the reasons he enjoyed being outside in his dad’s working environment – it was a museum of artifacts from his life. Contradicting his previous thought on technology, Rolen realized how nice it would have been to live in a much simpler time.

          Being the tactile individual that he was, Rolen touched the two knobs –one for volume, the other for rewinding and recording, and smirked at the idea that the device was the same size as his DVD player.

          As implausible as it seemed, Rolen still wanted to hear his dad’s voice. And if not the voice of his father then…something…something else whether funny or just a simple message. Heck, he’d even love to hear a verbose message from someone rambling on about absolutely nothing only to end the message with, Well, anyway, wasn’t calling about anything important. No need to call me back.

          Why call at all then?

        Finally after all the interruptions and madness of the last several hours, Rolen pushed play.

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