Sunday, December 21, 2014

Breaking Down Every Breaking Wave: Stanza 4

The sea knows where are the rocks
And drowning is no sin

Sometimes we choose the wrong wave. After much deliberation and pray, we still select a wave that seems inviting and adventurous...a wave that seems meant to be, but contrasting the time spent contemplating our next move, we quickly found ourselves struggling to the surface. We're underwater, feet tangled, and we see the light, we see the life that seems within arms-reach, but reality seems distorted. The sea, remember, symbolizes the enemy, the one that gives us everything we need to do the complete opposite of what we are meant to do and be. He gives us doubt and fear - the two very things that keep us from reaching the light. The two things that wrap around our legs as we struggle for the surface. As our lungs tighten...fear and doubt seep in. If we so choose. The sea knows where the rocks are. The jagged cliff-sides that when thrown up against pummel our self-belief and weaken our spirit.

Drowning isn't a sin. Failing is never  a sin. It's a test of faith. Will we succumb to the doubt and fear or will he give praise for what we learn and what we gain while we fail. The dawn comes like it always does. We choose if we use that light or if we tight-fist the fear. Drowning isn't the end-all. We need to focus our attention to the shore and the outstretched arms that await. We are created out of an unfathomable love. We are not fish in an aquarium to Him. Christ is always there. It's up to us to decide whether or not we have enough faith to walk on water towards him and sink and surrender to the power of the sea.

You know where my heart is
The same place that yours has been

Here, the man is saying both to his lover and to God that is heart is where it's always been. And it's spoken with the best intention, but also in hope that it's true. Doubt is trickling. He wants his heart to be where it's always been and is hoping his decision on which wave to choose won't go against what he's stood for his entire life or at least during his current relationship with his lover.

Right now, his heart is pounding. He's well aware that choosing the wrong wave could leave everything he lived for in the dust. And when dust faces water...water wins. Every time.

Both have, up to this point, put everything into their relationship they. Everything was going so smoothly, but tides swell and recede with constant repetition bringing with it doubt and fear. Sometimes the tide wins. Sometimes life seems greener on the other side. Sometimes it is, but choosing the wrong wave to get there only leaves floundering victims.

If his heart is where it's always been and his heart has always been facing the shore, he'll be able to untangle himself from drowning (failing). Upon resurfacing, life may be different, but the path that the shore gives, provides us new opportunities to find our right path.

                                                           We know that we fear to win
And so we end before we begin
Before we begin

Whether we like it or not or even realize it or not, fear is a part of us. Every day we need to do what we can to drive out that fear or set up blockades in effort to prevent it from ever entering our hearts and minds. It's all part and parcel to this human gig that we signed up for.

And so with that fear and doubt we end before we begin. We are born sinners so we begin with burden on our backs. We must shed those burdens, look passed them and choose to proceed to the starting line. Every day we must make this decision. Giving into the sea around us makes the ultimate outcome seem further and further away. Out of reach. Out of touch. Out of options. Every day when we give praise for the return of the dawn, we must choose to shed the fear in order to face the victory that's been mapped out for us.

If we do that, we will end before we begin the way God wants us to end before we begin. We must strive for his finish line. We must begin with the end in mind. His end. His home where our struggles and our repeated drownings will all seem like a blur. An end where we are home with our Savior.

We also fear what's good for us. What will make us better, stronger, braver. We fear making different choices. We fear breaking away from complacency. Why? Because the sea doesn't want us to find our wave - the wave the will keep us reaching for the shore. Reaching for Him. Embrace new opportunities - opportunities that seem bothersome or stressful. But every breaking wave reaches the shore and tells the next one there will be one more. Because through Christ, we can handle anything. Get through anything that comes crashing our way. We must with relentless passion always ride towards the shore. We will not however, reach the shore if we never choose a wave. It's the only way to get through the sea.

Dream Out Loud,

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