Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elf Letters at Midnight: Night of the Twenty-First

For the last couple of years, beginning on the first of December, Elves from the North Pole have visited our home. While my family and I are...nestled (sorry, couldn't resist) in our beds, the elves with very peculiar and interesting names frolic downstairs dropping off little tiny gifts for the girls. Before leaving, they always have written a letter (usually hand-written) addressed just for the girls. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they don't fail to mention the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. The girls are always very excited about the letter and of course the little gifts that that the Elves leave behind.

Following are the letters they have written.

The Twenty-First of December 2014

Well, girls, we were ecstatic at the news that you played so well together yesterday in between Christmas movies. And we had some great examples of love! Madison, thank you for setting a good example yesterday for your younger sisters and playing so nicely with them. They are lucky to have you. Bailey, your act of giving made our hearts leap for joy. It was very kind of you to offer Madison your candy cane after hers had fallen on the ground. She is lucky to have you. Sophie, it melted our hearts when you told everyone individually that you loved them…and it was from the heart! Nobody told you to say it. Your family is lucky to have you. They are lucky and blessed to have all of you.

Girls, we are just so happy about all of this. Doesn’t it feel good to make good choices?

After today, only three more days! We’re right on schedule too! If everything goes well the next two days, we get one big day off to celebrate another year of making toys! We always go to church on Christmas Eve. My favorite part is singing Silent Night with all the lights out except for the candles that we each hold. We really feel the Holy Spirit that night. Everything feels so peaceful and calm.

Back to the Pole! Great day yesterday, girls! Keep it up! Remember giving is better than getting and also remember that Santa prefers neat and tidy rooms ;)

In our Savior’s Name,
Merry Christmas!


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