Monday, December 22, 2014

Elf Letters at Midnight: Night of the Twenty-Second

For the last couple of years, beginning on the first of December, Elves from the North Pole have visited our home. While my family and I are...nestled (sorry, couldn't resist) in our beds, the elves with very peculiar and interesting names frolic downstairs dropping off little tiny gifts for the girls. Before leaving, they always have written a letter (usually hand-written) addressed just for the girls. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they don't fail to mention the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. The girls are always very excited about the letter and of course the little gifts that that the Elves leave behind.

Following are the letters they have written.

December 22nd 2014

Ho! Ho! Hoooollly Jingle Bells! Can it be true?! Can this actually be happening?!  We just have today and tomorrow and the day after that is Christmas Eve! Have you done all of your shopping? Oh, wait…you can’t drive yet, can you? Did you know that an elf can start driving a sleigh at age 8? Say, that’s how old you are, Madison! Pretty funny to think that if you were an elf, Madison, that you’d be able to fly all around the North Pole. But not any further than that. Not until you’re 9 and 267 days 8 hours, 3 minutes and 12 seconds old. Then you can go anywhere! Bailey, you’re 6, right? 6 year old elves have special privileges too. You can’t drive a sleigh, but at 6 you are allowed to be Mrs. Claus’ personal assistant when making cookies! Which means you get to try one from every single batch! And Sophie, 4 year olds have very special roles too! At the age of 4, elves are the first in line to play with every single toy to make sure it’s in tip-top shape! 

Life is grand up here at the Pole. My favorite thing to do though, and I think it’s true for most of the elves, is coming to houses like yours. Especially yours. We just know you appreciate our visits so much and we know that you really try hard to make good choices and show love to one another.

We heard some singing today coming from here. It sounded lovely. I love Christmas music and there’s just something special about it when it’s coming from children.

Have a wonderful day today, girls! Show love to one another and give your mommy and daddy lots and lots of hugs and kisses. They love that!

Merry Christmas!


Rhino, Cheddar Cheese & Wubble Bubble Choclostein

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