Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elf Letters at Midnight: Night of the Seventeenth

For the last couple of years, beginning on the first of December, Elves from the North Pole have visited our home. While my family and I are...nestled (sorry, couldn't resist) in our beds, the elves with very peculiar and interesting names frolic downstairs dropping off little tiny gifts for the girls. Before leaving, they always have written a letter (usually hand-written) addressed just for the girls. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they don't fail to mention the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. The girls are always very excited about the letter and of course the little gifts that that the Elves leave behind.

Following are the letters they have written.

December 17, 2014

Hi, amazing, beautiful, cute, delightful, extraordinary, fabulous, gorgeous, hilarious, inspiring, joyful, kissable, lovely, magnificent, noble, outstanding, playful(and pretty),  quality-filled imagination, remarkable, sweet-filled (and smart), talented, U2-loving, victor in Christ, wonderful, xenial , Yippee-shouting and Zany girls!!! 

It’s so good to be in your home! I feel like it’s my home…that’s how much love is between these walls and under this roof. You are very lucky.

Hey, wanna hear a joke? Why did the elf feel sad? He was suffering from a low elf-esteem. HA! Get it? No? That’s okay…some day you will.

We’re getting closer to the big day! I’ll say a prayer tonight that everybody starts to feel better and that nobody is sick on Christmas Day.

Have a great day at school! Work hard! And treat each other with…LOVE!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Larry, Janice & Penny

 *The names of the elves are my dad's, my grandmother's and Angie's grandmother that we lost all too soon.

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