Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elf Letters at Midnight: Night of the Eighteenth

For the last couple of years, beginning on the first of December, Elves from the North Pole have visited our home. While my family and I are...nestled (sorry, couldn't resist) in our beds, the elves with very peculiar and interesting names frolic downstairs dropping off little tiny gifts for the girls. Before leaving, they always have written a letter (usually hand-written) addressed just for the girls. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they don't fail to mention the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. The girls are always very excited about the letter and of course the little gifts that that the Elves leave behind.

Following are the letters they have written.

December 18, 2014

Hello, dear sweet children! Did you have some sweet dreams last night? I kind of had a little nightmare – I was being chased by this BIG, HAIRY…candy cane! I ran all around the North Pole trying to find someone to help me. I found a reindeer, but he said he was too gassy to help me. I started running again and this time I ran into the Big Guy…Santa! I said, “Santa, Santa! Can I have one of my Christmas gifts early?” He said, “Hmmmmm.” Then I said, “Santa! Seriously, I need an answer!” Santa replied, “Hmmmm.” “Aghhhh!” I yelled. “Santa! Come on!” Finally he said that he would so he reached into his big sack and pulled out a light sabor…just like Luke Skywalker’s! Before I knew it, the BIG, HAIRY candy cane was back and now he was foaming at the mouth. I said goodbye and thanks to Santa and took off running…right towards the candy cane. All of the sudden, the candy cane grew legs and started running away from me. I said, “Come back here you piece of spaghetti!” I don’t know why I called him spaghetti, but dreams are funny that way. Then he turned around and called me a meatball. That kind of hurt my feelings. Then I lit up my light sabor and yelled and growled, “Grrrrrr.” Then he yelled, “Grrrrrrr.” We did this back and forth for a long time and before I knew it, I woke up and I was licking a candy cane and meatballs were all over my floor. Weird, huh?

Anyway, sorry to go on and on about that. Well, we’re one day closer and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by gifts to open, but more importantly surrounded by family celebrating the birth of our Savior. Have a great day today!

We love you! Don’t forget to say some things that you are thankful for. J

Merry Christmas,

Poinsetta, Holly and Donkey Donk

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