Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elf Letters at Midnight: Night of the Nineteenth

For the last couple of years, beginning on the first of December, Elves from the North Pole have visited our home. While my family and I are...nestled (sorry, couldn't resist) in our beds, the elves with very peculiar and interesting names frolic downstairs dropping off little tiny gifts for the girls. Before leaving, they always have written a letter (usually hand-written) addressed just for the girls. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they don't fail to mention the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. The girls are always very excited about the letter and of course the little gifts that that the Elves leave behind.

Following are the letters they have written.

December 19, 2014

joyeux noël, Girls! (That’s Merry Christmas in French) We hear that Madison and B know some French…how wonderful! So diverse in your education! Different languages help us to connect to People in very special ways. It teaches us to appreciate the diversity god has created here on earth. Did you know that in heaven there will be lots and lots of different languages? And lots and lots of different races and colors? It reminds me of one of my favorite songs growing up. It went something like this…Heaven is a wonderful place, built with Glory and Grace, I wanna see my savior’s face cuz Heaven is wonderful Place!

You know, singing is a gift…even if you are not as good as bono…it’s still a gift. It makes your heart feel alive and joyful and you know what else? It makes other people feel joyful when they hear you sing. Think about it! It’s like giving very special from –the –heart medicine to other people. You know it’s good to give…so why not give joy?!

I feel like singing right now! But I don’t want to wake up anybody…although I don’t think if your daddy’s snoring wakes anybody up, I don’t think a song from an elf would either. Maybe another time though J
So, one more day of school before Christmas Vacation! Oh, this time of year is just so wonderful and exciting. Well, lots to do! Mrs. Claus made a new kind of cookie tonight…can’t wait to try it!

We love you girls and are so very proud of that fact that you love your family so much and love jesus so much. You are special…that’s for sure!  Merry Christmas!


KEating, Zevo & Patch

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