Friday, December 12, 2014

Letters to Janice: April 22, 1945

Bainbridge MD
9:45 a.m.

Dear Janice,

How did church go this morning? How was the choir? Did it smell as usual? How did this go at the V. B. this afternoon. Was there many there?

     We go up at 5:00, got chow, then laid around the barracks till 9:45. At 9:45 services were held for Protestants. There were a lot of mates in the place it was full. The chaplain  was a Presbyterian. Some mate came in carrying a large box, after he finally opened it up it turned out to be an organ. For a prelude he played Glory, Glory, Halleujah. The services are exactly like ones back home. We sang, "Fairest Lord Jesus, The Old Rugged Cross," and the Navy Hymn "Eternal Father Strong to Save. His sermon was very good.

     Some mate fell from a top bunk right down on his head! They are 6' - 7' feet high.

    The rebels & yankees really is some arguing about anything imaginable.

     Sat. night I went to bed at 9:00. I couldn't remember when I ever did that before. Can you?

     Most of the mates act civil, but some of the rebels are hot heads.

     10:45. We just had chow, it was really good. 

     I wish I would be able to play golf this Saturday. Monday we get haircuts, clothes & Barracks then I'll send you my address.

     There are 276 mates in this room and about as many upstairs.

     I got all day to do nothing except write letters and sleep.

     At 9:15 & 10:30 I was thinking about home and everybody.

     I want to write but there isn't anything to say except a lot of things that don't interest anybody.

    Well be good, (I have to be). I'll be thinking of you.

     Love & Kisses

p.s. To-night they are taking us to a movie.

Tell the rest I'll write as soon as I get my permanent address.

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