Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Passages (An Adventure Novel): Chapter 19


          Nothing. Well, there was the squeal of the tape signifying that the tape was ruined, but no voices from the past.

          However, Rolen’s dad did teach him a numerous amount of things right there in that shop and one of them just happened to be fixing a cassette tape. Rogan Sparks loved technology. He loved DVDs, computers, iPads – all of it. Except one thing. When he was in his shop, he only wanted to listen to cassettes. He would say it kept him grounded in a more innocent and youthful time. Rolen even remembered the first tape he helped his dad fix – Boy from the Irish band U2.

          Pulling the cassette out of the drawer and putting it into the player, Rolen couldn’t help but to laugh out loud at how he and his dad would sing, I Will Follow, while pretending his old wooden tennis racquets were guitars. Rolen missed the silly side of his father. It taught Rolen to not take everything too seriously.

          “You have to put everything in life on a scale. A scale from one to ten,” his father had told him. “If something angers you, you have to stop and decide just how angry it should make you. Something high on the scale such as a seven, eight, nine or ten, you can expect repercussions. Anger is one messed up ball game. It’s best not even to show up to the ballpark.

          “But, it’s the same with other emotions too. Being the right amount of happy is always a good thing. Be happy for yourself and for others even if it seems trivial to you. Boosting someone else’s self-esteem can have great rewards. Both intrinsic and extrinsic.”

          Rolen unscrewed the shell and was reminded of how many parts make up a simple cassette tape. After reattaching the tape to the hub, he found his dad’s special splicing tape before putting everything back together while singing out loud to the music.

          If you walk away, walk away
          Walk away, walk away
          I will follow
          I will follow

          Rolen placed the repaired cassette back into the answering machine and pushed play. Again, nothing. But the tape was working, there just wasn’t any voices from the past like he was hoping for.

          Keeping the play button down, Rolen decided to take a dangerous chance and sit on his dad’s recliner as he waited for a voice.

          I was on the inside
          When you pulled the four walls down

          Rolen rested his head back and thought about those lyrics. He wondered if his dad was trapped somewhere waiting to be rescued. Rolen spoke the last words of the song before drifting off to sleep.

          I will follow.

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