Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Passages (An Adventure Novel): Chapter 22


          With a wide-eyed startle, Rolen awoke on the floor next to his bed.

          “Everything okay up there?” his mother shouted.

          “Am I in the hole?”


          Rolen rubbed his eyes and slowly realized he was out of the dream, but still oblivious to what time of day it was.

          “Nothing. I’m fine.”


          Before hearing the recorded message, Rolen had felt that even though his father was no longer physically present that there was still a strong emotional tether that kept him connected…kept him hopeful. Now, for reasons Rolen couldn’t explain, hearing the actual voice of his dad had seemed to cut the tether and cause the connection to drift. Rather than feeling closer to his dad and even more hopeful he felt his father was a half-world away. The voice was from the past not the present. Lost in time.

          Rolen rose to his feet, gained his balanced and stood completely still – his breathing matching the swaying of the trees outside of his window. Then the images of this dream invaded his mind.

Remember to crawl.
The gathering of people below.
His father going into his own separate hole.
What did it all mean? Did it mean anything?

          Rolen needed fresh air. And exercise.

          Eight miles later, he was back in the shop.

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