Friday, December 19, 2014

The Book of Questions: 001

The Book of Questions (by: Gregory Stock) is just that - a book of questions. The only answers are the ones we, the reader, come up with on our own in isolation or with a group of friends. These are guaranteed to shift the conversation with loved ones in whole new directions. For me, I decided to take it upon myself (I'm always looking for things to add to my blog) to go through every single question...80% of the...okay, about half of the questions and post my response. To be honest, I have only looked at two of the questions (there's a total of 292) so far so this could be interesting. Hopefully it is for you.

Question: Technology has become a part of us. Would you rather lose the use of all motorized vehicles, all telecommunication devices and computers, or one of your hands?

Possible Answer # 1: Motorized Vehicles

I shouldn't fear anything. After all, perfect love drives out all fear. And I am perfectly loved. However, in my sometimes suffering mind, certain fears have manifested...probably to the point that some kind of counseling would be beneficial. Every time I get into a car, my mentality is that it's a death trap. That I have a 50% chance of being in an accident and dying or just being in an accident. When my wife is later arriving home than initially planned...I fear the worst - that she went to a movie without me. I would have to say that this option of not having motorized vehicles is quite appealing. However, trips home to see family and family traveling to see us would be greatly missed.

Possible Answer # 2: All telecommunication devices and computers

Considering how many times I'm tempted to throw my computer up against the cement block wall that surrounds me in my classroom... I gotta say, this option is appealing. Of course if FCPS wasn't so cheap and would actually get us computers (Apple) that actually are quality as opposed to the crappy Dell ones, I would most likely feel better about computers. And it is nice to text friends and my girls love Face Timing their great-grandpa. That connection is important to me. I'm curious though as to what society would obsess over if we didn't have access to social media and the devices that imprison us. What did Charles Ingalls obsess over? Family? God? Seems like a better life to me.

I will say this about social media...when it's used unselfishly and not for self-glorifying reasons, it can be a great tool. How else would we know about all these people that are suffering and need our thoughts and prayers? How else would we know about all these celebrations in people's lives?

Possible Answer # 3: One of my hands

What is it with this first question extracting all these fears from within me? I feared ever since I was younger of either dying, losing my vision or being without a limb. I'm amazed at people who are without a limb or limbs and lead such fulfilling lives. I struggle with whether or not I could do that. Despite what I said earlier, I would miss driving and I would definitely miss throwing baseball. I would miss playing with my girls most of all. I would still be able to, but not in the same manner.

My answer: Telecommunication devices and computers. We survived without them before and "life fines a way."

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